Wednesday, September 18, 2019

J.Crew SALE!


Wanted to share about an awesome sale I'm super excited about every time it comes around: The JCREW additional 50% off sale!

That means, the items that are on sale, have an extra 50% off that price. You can find GREAT quality shoes, sweaters, summer dresses and swimwear at amazing prices.

For example: the adorable gingham dress, which I am still loving, and will always be reaching for come spring time.

I've linked some of my faves!!!

Happy Shopping :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Flower Shop 30th Birthday Party


I haven't blogged in a while and it's been even longer since I've shared about our recently parties!
If you follow this blog (Or my instagram) or know me personally, then you may know my sisters and I love to throw and decorate for parties. A thirtieth birthday party for our last baby sister is almost expected after the one we threw for my older sis - haha actually for her 31st (HERE!) and then the one they surprise threw for me on my 29th! (HERE!!)

We also like to do things on a budget but make it look like we went all out. Flowers are EVERYTHING. If you spend a little extra on real flowers, the party will look amazing. Also, the more simple and chic you make it, the less "stuff" you need to fill the space. Maybe that is just our style but more is less on our tables..

We had a sweet girl, Esther Kirilyuk, of Esther Kirilyuk Photography (if you are local, check her page out!) photographed the party for us (so we wouldn't go crazy and miss out on anything) but I also enjoyed snapping a few pics.

We wanted to have a flower shop feel for the theme, and the flowers were decoration but also used as favors for the guests to take home- they each got to arrange their own bouquets to take home. I loved seeing how the guests picked color palettes and every single one looked stunning. I was so happy with the result!

Another very memorable detail to add to any party: have the guests be involved in making their own favor to take home! At my sister's 31st, we had a simple macrame lesson and made hanging mini macrame plant holders! At my surprise party, my sisters set up the most creative tea making station, complete with dried flowers, herbs, green teas, etc. I still think about the tea I made sometimes because it was so amazing haha!

July is an awesome time to have a flower shop party because where we live, that is where the most flowers are in a full bloom! I was able to get amazing dahlias from a local seller and cut my own sunflowers from a local field.  Even though summer is coming to an end... (I am having end-of-summer blues & in denial) this party is totally adjustable and can work for a lot of different seasons! Can you imagine the beautiful fall colors you can incorporate for a fall themed florist shop??! Trader Joes will always have your back, in the end, for all the extra fillers and pretty spay roses and hydrangeas year round!

Enough talking: Enjoy the beautiful pictures! 30 exactly! :)

Happiest birthday to our baby sis!!!

Thank you for reading and follow me for more DIY's, refashions, parties and ideas!!

With Love,