Monday, April 27, 2015

Anthropologie- Inspired Tassel Throw ( DIY )

Hello dear ones and hello to a new week!

Everyone has that plain (but comfy) throw or blanket that you keep around for just in case. Or for every night to curl up in, eat ice cream and watch Netflix. Yea, believe me, I know! But it's ok. It's ok because the throw is not special. You're not worried about getting it dirty on accident. You didn't pay Anthropologie dollars on it.

But what if you could have both??? The look of an interesting Anthropologie throw but without the heart attack if someone spills something on it!

I saw this beauty on Instagram months ago. I haven't been able to forget it. But I also couldn't convince myself to buy it for the original price either. I am just not in that stage to purchase an expensive throw and then constantly have to worry about it getting messed up. (Mama's with babies, you know what I am talking about).

I realized the part that I loved most about the throw was the GIANT TASSELS! And they are so easy to make. It's ridiculous. And I am so in love. Best part: You can add them to any throw/blanket you want. These tassels would work on a patterned throw or do a different color scheme or make hot pink tassels to a white blanket for your daughters room. (Thinking about that one for my girls room!)

Here's how:

Fuzzy yarn. (Not a necessity but I was going for the look in this Anthropologie throw) - 41 yards is enough to make 4 big Tassels with a bit left over.
Piece of cardboard or book (I used one about 10 in long)
(Might need Needle and Thread)

1. Wrap your yarn around the piece of cardboard loosly. I wrapped it 13-15 times (depending how thick you want your tassel, you might need to do more if you are using a thinner yarn)

2. Gently slid the loops off the cardboard. Cut a piece of yarn a little longer then the length of the cardboard. Fold the piece of yarn in half, slide under the looped yarn at the center and bring the ends of the piece of yarn into the hole. I than tied it for extra reinforcement. You may trim this- depending on how long you want your tassle to hang...

3. Cut the folds in the sections they are in. (This helps it to be more straight) If there are some longer pieces after you have cut all the loops, you can trim them. But sometimes it just needs to be adjusted (pulled from the other end).
  4. Cut another piece to tie around the top end of your tassel to create that tassle look. This piece I cut longer than I needed so that it blends into the tassel as well.

  5. My throw had the perfect edge to just pull my tassel through. If yours doesn't have this, that's ok! You can attach it with a little needle and thread. This way it isn't permanent either- You can take it off whenever you are bored of them.

Make sure to use your Michael's coupon if you are getting your yarn there! I got my spool for about $4.00. Now, if only I could enjoy my throw with a non-interrupted cup of tea and a good book. #staged. Haha.

Thanks so much for reading!

PS These were taken in our newly finished basement! It is our favorite place in the house now and we wish could just move downstairs. :) I hope to post photos of our office space soon! I'm not near done filling up the shelves but I can't contain my excitement! It's just everything I imagined and dreamed in an office space. Can't wait to show you the space!

With Love,

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Put A (Floral) Crown On It


So I am sure you have seen the floral crown craze all over the internet (and Pinterest) but I wanted to add yet another tutorial to the many out there.. Just because everyone seems to do it a little different. Although there is no wrong way to make a floral crown, mine is the right way. Haha! Kidding of course.

I tend to over-simplify things. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. But I made my crown with only two things: fake flowers and floral wire. I didn't even use floral tape because I wasn't worried too much about the messiness of it- I felt it adds character :) But if you want to be all proper-like, get some floral tape too.

Everything I used I got from the Michael's Craft Store. The flowers are the inexpensive ones and they also were on sale. Pictured above is all I used (and have some left over) For adult size crown, buy 1-2 more stems than pictured. (Also check your thrift stores! I always see fake flower arrangements there that would work great!)

1. Wrap the floral wire a few times into a circle shape. Measure the head that will be wearing your handiwork and adjust as needed.

2. Pull or cut off your flowers from the main branches.

Keep some of the double stemmed flowers to add some dimension to your crown. (They will lay in a more natural way). That is actually the one I started with but any bigger size flower would be a good start.

3. Wrap wire around to secure the flower to the circle. I pre-cut little pieces of so they are ready for grabbing.

4. Start adding more flowers.


Alternate which way your flower stem is attached to make it more thick. You don't want to see gaps into the wire (mess). If you are using floral tape, wrap around the wire to cover the parts sticking out.

You can stop when you are half/ three-quarters of the way if you would like! It looks just as cute.

Or continue all the way around..

You're done! Keep an editorial eye on it, pulling it away and at eye-level to see where there are gaps. Add anywhere you feel has too much space between flowers but don't overthink it! You can also add long strips of ribbon to the back side and loop them through (like this: the way I made the shabby-chic streamer). Your princess will enjoy the way the ribbon blows in the wind :) I didn't add it to mine but it still got the approval from my princess.

NOTE: This isn't safe for little babes. The wire that is trimmed can scratch a grabby, curious baby. Please be careful! If you are making for baby photoshoot purposes, use floral tape to cover the tips.

Hope you enjoyed the photos of my (not-so-little) girl! We used the floral crown for Em's Birthday back in November but she wasn't the one wearing it. Hehe- hope to share photos of her birthday party soon!

Thank you so much for reading!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thrifted Denim Dress Refashion

Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We celebrated the Risen Christ and meditated on His sacrifice and rejoiced in the eternal life that Jesus has promised us. I pray you have received this truth in your heart as well!

I have been seeing these type of flowy effortless dresses everywhere lately! And the bigger surprise: they are denim. It kinda makes me laugh because if you are a thrifter (if you have rummaged through yard sales, thrift stores or estate sales) you have seen this dress. It just needed to be shortened. :) And maybe taken in a bit. The beauty of this thrift find is that it's not special. It's not rare. That may sound like a contradiction but here's why: I know you can find one too! I see at least two of these type of dresses everytime I go into a thrift store.

If you want to save $50 and ALSO make it at a length that you are comfortable with, then see the tutorial below! If you are not a sewer, I linked some inexpensive options at the bottom!

1. First, shorten. Measure the dress while wearing it to see where you want it to end. Add an inch or two (Depending on the width of your hem). I made a thicker hem because I was mimicking the original hemline. (About 1.5 inch)
Cut off after your hem allowance, fold over and sew.

2. Use a similar style dress to guide you where to take in the dress. I tried to cinch the waist a bit but made sure to come out again to the original sleeve. If you are ambitious and don't like the way your sleeves are on you (if they are too big for your frame) you can take them in too. Mine didn't bother me too much.

There are two ways: just sew down the sleeve same way as you would take in the dress 
remove sleeve, make smaller armhole opening and make the sleeve smaller. Than reattach. 
remove sleeves, hem around the opening and have a sleeveless dress!

I also removed my pockets because didn't want to deal with sewing them back on and didn't think I'd miss them. But I do miss them :( will definitely try to reattach those if I do this again.

That's it! Wear it now with your girly flats, or your favorite wedges.

Or dress it up with a blazer and some heels. I think this dress matches every single pair of shoes in my closet! It is so versatile and comfortable.

As promised: options for purchase. Most of these are from ASOS. If I'm looking for something interesting at a lower price I always look at this website first. Then I go to Forever21 :)

1. Forever 21 Baby Doll
2. Gap 
3. ASOS Shift
4. ASOS Curve
5. ASOS Tall Size
6. ASOS Front Tie

Thanks for reading! So happy to have a sewing machine again and hope to have more projects to share soon!

With Love,