Thursday, June 16, 2016

Backyard Boho Bash (31st Surprise Birthday Party!)

The unexpectedness of this birthday party makes me smile. My dear sister turned 3 0 last year and somehow she convinced us that she did not want a party. Being her obedient sisters, we did not plan her one. Later it became evident that 30 is a big deal-(DUH) and it should be celebrated no matter what said sister tells you! It's enough reason to have someone throw you a party! So much filled with regret, my youngest sister and I started to plan the most unsuspecting party ever- her 31st birthday party surprise. That just made me smile again :). It is never too late, folks!

Teamwork is a beautiful thing. I could not have pulled off all this prettiness without my sister's and friend's help! There was also lots of DIY (of course), Pinterest, and the chance encounter with a pallet straight from party heaven! Than God orchestrated the most perfect weather and almost all our invitees were able to attend. It really was a perfect brunch. I wouldn't mind replaying that day!

Hope you enjoy the photo's!!

Somehow I completely forgot to photograph the food table but it was absolutely perfect! Cheesy shrimp tea sandwiches, prosciutto arugula sandwiches, mushroom & spinach quiche, chicken, salad and veggie platter with homemade hummus. Now another reason I want to go back to that day!

The macrame runner was an adaption of this tutorial.

The drop cloth hand-painted rug was my sister's labor of love. I might make another post about! It's so easy but so fun.

Also for a craft, I precut pieces of cord/different types of macrame rope for everyone to make their own hanging macrame pot holder. Then everyone was able to put their succulents in the completed craft and take it home to hang if they chose! I really enjoy adding a type of craft to each party- I think it makes it more memorable and then the guests are able to take home a "favor" that they actually made themselves, whilst learning a new skill! (For my little sisters 25th birthday party, we did a watercolor lesson! See it here!)

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. What now? My days seem so empty now that this one has passed. ;)

With Love, 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Easy Wrap Skirt Tutorial

The Perfect Wrap Skirt 

 Happy Monday, friends!

My mind likes to simplify things for some reason. I'll see something and think, oh that's easy to do. But when I actually attempt it, it turns out not as simple as it seemed. Do any of you do this? This is what kept  me from attempting a wrap skirt earlier. In my mind : It is just a piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself. How hard could that be? But I was scared that I was oversimplifying it and it would end up nothing like I imagined. I'm so excited to announce that it turned out just how I wanted it to AND it was simple. It really was SIMPLE! Things like this make me so happy.

I have been dreaming of the perfect asymmetrical wrap skirt for years. Maybe ever since this white Zara Skort went huge on IG (anyone else remember that??) I loved it but it was always a bit too short in my eyes.

Somehow, I bought a 2 yrd piece of upholstery fabric at a furniture fabric store. Don't ask me why. I don't question my decisions. haha. I am so glad I did. It ended up perfect for this skirt. Maybe you don't need to use an upholstery fabric but I recommended something a little thicker that holds its shape and isn't flowy.

around 2 YRDS thick (or upholstery) fabric
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Hook and Eye big closures (2)- I used 1" 

 1. Wrap the fabric around you, with the center on your back. This is where you may have to trim it because it might be too much depending on your size. Cut straight down on both sides. The angle in the front will happen naturally when you add darts into the skirt. Make sure the material overlaps in the front.

2. After you have cut the material, fold down the top and bottom to create a hem. I did mine about 1 inch on top to create a "waistband" look and less on bottom for the hem.

3. Do this to the side "flap" that will be exposed as well. (The other side wont be seen, it will be tucked away under the wrap) Sew it the same width as your hem on bottom.

4. This is where it gets interesting. In order to make the skirt fit you properly on the waist, you must add darts. This creates the material to be smaller on your waist but go back out again for your hips. I made 4 darts, each about 1 inch wide. Two in the front, and two in the back. When the skirt is laying flat, they might look unevenly placed. This is why you MUST mark (pin) them while it is on your body.

Wrap the hemmed fabric around your waist with the beginning unfinished edge reaches right before your hip and cinch the first dart around your other hip, away from your body. (So the fold is not sticking out)

The next dart will be opposite. This is one of the two that will be on your back. Make sure these two are evenly placed on your back and opposite of each other as well. The pleats should not be going the same direction.

The fourth dart will be on your flap of your wrap skirt. It needs a dart as well to create the asymmetrical look in the front.

I promise it will make more sense once you start doing it. Just realized how very hard it is to explain! I would be happy to answer any questions you have...

5. Sew on Hook and Eye's. I used two different kinds but I definitely suggest that the first initial clasp be a bigger heavy duty one because it's holding the whole skirt on you! You wouldn't want it to rip off :)

The second clasp I found had 3 different notches that you choose which one to hook it on too. This turned out great. It gives me the option of making the skirt tighter if I want (which you want to cinch your waist as much as possible) but also choose a looser option after a big dinner- ;)

Here's a fun GIF I created to show how this wraps on, visually explains the darts better and where to sew on the clasps/hook and eyes.

And now for the roll of photos! Totally wish these weren't so blurry. Sorry guys- trying some new settings and lenses out.

*STYLE TIP* This wrap skirt looks best with a fitted top so that the volume of the darts and stiff fabric doesn't make you look bigger.

Have a lovely lovely week! Until next time...