Friday, March 27, 2015

Simple DIY Glitter Magnets

Hello! And hello SPRING at last! I hope you are feeling some spring-like weather now in your neck of the woods!

If you are a mom, you will agree you can never have too much magnets. My kiddos love to hang up their artwork on the fridge and I use it for school reminders, lunch menus, etc. Since they are so vital in our lives, they might as well be gold and sparkly. (A line to live by?)  I have a simple DIY that's perfect for the weekend - something you can even do with your kiddos or a craft idea for a party or shower. And so inexpensive! You'll have pretty magnets in less than an hour.
All you need:

Clear Glass Decorative Stones (got mine at Michael's. I think Dollar Tree has them!)
Glitter and/or Nail Polish
Clear Coat Nail Polish
Super Glue (not pictured)
Mini Magnets  (purchased at Michael's for around $3.00 for 12 piece)

For the Nail Polish Magnets:

1. Paint the whole flat part of the clear stone like you would paint your nails. Do two coats or until you are satisfied with the color. (I used the funniest nail polishes I had- i.e. the glitter ones. I tried a few solid colors but they were just plain in comparison to the glitter ones. But you can use any color/kind you want.)

2. Let dry and do a top coat layer

3. Let dry. Glue on a mini magnet with super glue

Glitter Magnets:

1. Paint the flat face of the glass stone with clear coat.

2. Quickly dump glitter on the wet surface. (nail polish dries pretty fast!)

3. Let dry. Do a clear coat on top of the glitter

4. Let dry. Glue on a mini magnet with super glue.

That's it! You're done! Enjoy your sparkly little gems. :)

Sidenote: My one year old daughter LOOOOVES to take these off the fridge. She's not so good with putting them back on! :) They have fallen (onto tile) too many times to count. Guess what? They have held up wonderfully. Only one magnet has come off and all others still going strong.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope to have a sewing tutorial on here soon! Have a GREAT weekend!!


Monday, March 23, 2015

ANOTHER DIY Tutorial of Dissecting a Dress Into a Shirt and Skirt :)

Hello All!

I am sorry to be MIA for some time. My poor sewing machine.. decided it was time to retire. It's ok -I have come to terms with it. My dad found it for me in a thrift store and it was missing the electrical cord. We jigged another cord to make it work. Thinking about that makes me laugh and so I can happily say- it was time. This also meant I was faced with the amazing opportunity to purchase my very first (brand new) sewing machine. I am beyond spoiled by my husband for his continuous support and generosity. I hope to tell you all about the machine I chose and HOPEFULLY give you great reviews and recommendations!

While I am still learning its ins and outs, I thought I would post another DIY from last summer. Once I started this "chopping dresses in half" thing, it has been hard to stop! Haha. But I have yet to regret it! I bought this great striped shift dress in a sweatshirt like fabric from Target (Merona) for my birthday.  Because you don't turn down the perfect stripe. You know the stripe I mean. (I can't be the only one that is particular with my stripes!) Anyways, after seeing pictures of myself in that dress, I realized I looked awful in it! I love a shift dress but because the material wasn't stiff and wasn't flowey, it looked awkward. (or maybe I just needed to lose a few pounds :)

Before: (Cringe worthy)

Anyways, I chopped it. Into THE PERFECT stripe sweatshirt/top. I LOVE THIS SHIRT! I wear it all the time. The best part: no hemming was needed. Ahh. Just my type of refashion :)

After (one of the perfect ways to wear stripes- with a classic jacket and dark jeans)

And you know me- I rarely throw away my scraps! The left-over bottom part that I chopped off was the perfect amount to make my mini-me a skirt using the fabric. Now we can be "matchy" without being too matchy-matchy.

Just fold in, sew, and loop in an elastic waistband.

 (Excuse the quality- I took these on my iPhone)

I highly encourage you to "shop your closet" and rethink pieces you already have! These little tweaks require minimum to no sewing and are so worth it!

Have a great week! Hope you'll be back soon! Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DIY Panel Insert for Too-Small Tee (Athletic Wear)

(Obviously I am not used to sporty attire and/or sporty poses! More awkward photos below!! haha)


Sportswear is really huge lately! And I am all for it. There's nothing more motivating to start working out than to buy some cute work-out clothes! But why buy it when you can make it?? :-D

A long time ago, while I was cleaning out my husband's closet, I found a neon safety vest that he needed to have at some point. Instead of tossing it, I instantly thought about how to reuse it. I LOVED the color! By adding this color and material to a stretchy tee, it becomes very "athletic" and has a sporty feel to it. So, that's exactly how I wore it. You know, with tights, lounging at home ;) Haha but I had an excuse at the time...I was pregnant :-D

It wasn't until recently a crazy friend of mine invited me to try a very physical sport (one where you actually have to run around and DO something) and I got to try out this top. It worked perfectly! It was so comfortable, breathable and held up very well. Here is the simple insructions on how to make your own!

(Like I mentioned above, I made this when I was pregnant.. Let that be self explanatory to why I forgot to take step by step pictures too! I'm sorry!)

It is very simple:

1. Turn your stretchy tee inside out. This works best if the tee is a bit tight on you..

2. Cut off the side sewn hem right after the factory edge. Cut up until the sleeve. (Do not cut into the sleeve!) Try to cut as close to the edge as you can.

3. Measure the length from your arm pit to the bottom of the tee and cut out your fabric in that length and in your desired width. (Don't go too wide because then the top, under the armpit, starts to tug too much) Mine was about 3 inches thick.

4. Keep your shirt inside out. Lay your strip of fabric right side down on the cut edges. Start pinning the fabric around the edges of your tee, starting at the bottom so your hem line matches up. (I kept the factory edge from the neon vest) **This is hard to explain but easy to do if you visualize that the sewn edge needs to be inside your tee so that it looks clean on the outside.

5.  Once you reach the top of your shirt (right under the sleeve) just pin it straight along the top. Since it is a stretch fabric it will stretch to your needs!

These are pictures of another shirt refashion (I still need to finish) with a triangle shape instead of a rectangle. This works great too but make sure your triangle is equal on both sides. In other words, don't wing the shape. Measure and cut it straight.The imperfections will be visible!

Here's to looking sporty-chic, even if its just at home :)

Flashback to the prego belly!!

Don't have a mesh vest?? Don't worry: this DIY is very flexible! You can use any type of fabric you want for the panel inserts as long as it has some stretch to it. This is great to expand a tee that's too snug too. Other ideas I would love to try: floral or lace!

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, ask away!