Monday, March 23, 2015

ANOTHER DIY Tutorial of Dissecting a Dress Into a Shirt and Skirt :)

Hello All!

I am sorry to be MIA for some time. My poor sewing machine.. decided it was time to retire. It's ok -I have come to terms with it. My dad found it for me in a thrift store and it was missing the electrical cord. We jigged another cord to make it work. Thinking about that makes me laugh and so I can happily say- it was time. This also meant I was faced with the amazing opportunity to purchase my very first (brand new) sewing machine. I am beyond spoiled by my husband for his continuous support and generosity. I hope to tell you all about the machine I chose and HOPEFULLY give you great reviews and recommendations!

While I am still learning its ins and outs, I thought I would post another DIY from last summer. Once I started this "chopping dresses in half" thing, it has been hard to stop! Haha. But I have yet to regret it! I bought this great striped shift dress in a sweatshirt like fabric from Target (Merona) for my birthday.  Because you don't turn down the perfect stripe. You know the stripe I mean. (I can't be the only one that is particular with my stripes!) Anyways, after seeing pictures of myself in that dress, I realized I looked awful in it! I love a shift dress but because the material wasn't stiff and wasn't flowey, it looked awkward. (or maybe I just needed to lose a few pounds :)

Before: (Cringe worthy)

Anyways, I chopped it. Into THE PERFECT stripe sweatshirt/top. I LOVE THIS SHIRT! I wear it all the time. The best part: no hemming was needed. Ahh. Just my type of refashion :)

After (one of the perfect ways to wear stripes- with a classic jacket and dark jeans)

And you know me- I rarely throw away my scraps! The left-over bottom part that I chopped off was the perfect amount to make my mini-me a skirt using the fabric. Now we can be "matchy" without being too matchy-matchy.

Just fold in, sew, and loop in an elastic waistband.

 (Excuse the quality- I took these on my iPhone)

I highly encourage you to "shop your closet" and rethink pieces you already have! These little tweaks require minimum to no sewing and are so worth it!

Have a great week! Hope you'll be back soon! Thank you for reading!


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