Friday, March 27, 2015

Simple DIY Glitter Magnets

Hello! And hello SPRING at last! I hope you are feeling some spring-like weather now in your neck of the woods!

If you are a mom, you will agree you can never have too much magnets. My kiddos love to hang up their artwork on the fridge and I use it for school reminders, lunch menus, etc. Since they are so vital in our lives, they might as well be gold and sparkly. (A line to live by?)  I have a simple DIY that's perfect for the weekend - something you can even do with your kiddos or a craft idea for a party or shower. And so inexpensive! You'll have pretty magnets in less than an hour.
All you need:

Clear Glass Decorative Stones (got mine at Michael's. I think Dollar Tree has them!)
Glitter and/or Nail Polish
Clear Coat Nail Polish
Super Glue (not pictured)
Mini Magnets  (purchased at Michael's for around $3.00 for 12 piece)

For the Nail Polish Magnets:

1. Paint the whole flat part of the clear stone like you would paint your nails. Do two coats or until you are satisfied with the color. (I used the funniest nail polishes I had- i.e. the glitter ones. I tried a few solid colors but they were just plain in comparison to the glitter ones. But you can use any color/kind you want.)

2. Let dry and do a top coat layer

3. Let dry. Glue on a mini magnet with super glue

Glitter Magnets:

1. Paint the flat face of the glass stone with clear coat.

2. Quickly dump glitter on the wet surface. (nail polish dries pretty fast!)

3. Let dry. Do a clear coat on top of the glitter

4. Let dry. Glue on a mini magnet with super glue.

That's it! You're done! Enjoy your sparkly little gems. :)

Sidenote: My one year old daughter LOOOOVES to take these off the fridge. She's not so good with putting them back on! :) They have fallen (onto tile) too many times to count. Guess what? They have held up wonderfully. Only one magnet has come off and all others still going strong.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope to have a sewing tutorial on here soon! Have a GREAT weekend!!


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  1. Love these!! They look even prettier up close😍