Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Bouquet

Hello Friends!

Have you tried chocolate covered pretzels?? It's amazing how something so simple can taste so good. If you've never had them: you have GOT to try them! I have made these before just for the sole purpose of eating them all or if I was craving chocolate (which is always).

I had planned to post this before V-Day but we went on a trip and I didn't get a chance to before we left. Gift giving and showing love shouldn't stop just because Valentines Day has passed. I would accept chocolate covered pretzels any time of the year (especially if they are pink and white and glittery) :) I also thought it would be fun to make them into a "bouquet" to show how they can be a fun gift or just put them in a vase and watch them disappear. (because everyone will be eating them... you got that right?)

Aren't they pretty?? You can use any topping that will stick to melted chocolate. I used slivered almonds, and different types of sprinkles. I also left some plain and drizzled chocolate on chocolate.

I doubt you need a step by step but here's what I did:

Melt chocolate (Follow directions on package to proper melting. If doing it in microwave, careful not to over melt and burn! It's such a sad sad sight to see wasted chocolate)

Dip pretzel stick into melted chocolate. It's easier to dip into a deep cup or bowl for better coverage of chocolate (For the bouquet version I left the pretzel sticks long but usually I break the pretzel in half and dip the broken end in. This gives you more chocolate, less pretzel. More chocolate is always a good idea)

Place on parchment paper and sprinkle topping. Or let cool and drizzle with additional chocolate (Or caramel?!)

Put in fridge for fast setting or let harden on counter for a few hours. 


EAT! or arrange into a bouquet, tie with a pretty ribbon and you have the perfect gift!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentines Day Party with DIY Polka Dot Plates


I tried it. I drew on my plates with permanent marker. This is the oldest trick in the book (well, the newest oldest trick) :) But it really adds something special to your table and it's so simple its embarrassing. Plus I got these plates from the Dollar Tree for only a $1 each!

I mean, how easy and cool is that???

Draw a pattern. Bake in oven at 425 for 20 min. 
Turn off oven and leave the plates in the oven until they cool.
Safe to wash and use! (Some say its safe in the dish washer but I'm taking it easy for now)

Tutorial for the cookie pouches here! Fill them up with your favorite cookie and give out to your favorite people :)
 I put in one of my favorites: Oreshki (Russian nut shaped cookies.)

Did I mention I love Gold? and pink? and sparkly things?? :) 

Happy DIYing! Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY Cookie Pouch Valentine for your Valentines


Valentines Day is just around the corner and it's this time of the year I find it easiest to DIY. It must be because I love anything that is glittery and pink! Adding glitter to something is one of the easiest ways to spruce it up!

Today I want to show you how to make a simple "cookie pouch" to fill with homemade goodness and gift to your bestie (or to all your besties!) on this wonderful day of love! It's actually a great favor idea too (I love how it looks at a table setting!)

You need:

Cut out a template first to use for cutting out your pouch (so you don't have pencil marks) 
My paper is 12 X 12 scrapbook size paper usually sold in all craft stores.
Put two holes in each corner. One at tip and second an inch or so beneath it.

please excuse my wrinkles!!! Using the newborn card? ;)

Put in your filling of choice. I used our Russian Oreshki Cookies! Overlap two flaps so that the holes line up and pull the twine through. Tie. 

Starting with one remaining flap at a time, thread the two strings through the two holes.(#1) 
Do the same thing with the other flap (#2)
Tie once and attach corny Valentine inspired label (Optional) :)

Tie a bow. 
Give out to your loved ones to remind them that you love them :)

I'd be happy to answer questions if something didn't make sense..

Check back to see how I used it in a Valentines Day inspired party! Thanks for reading- XOXO

If you are in the local central Virgina area, we will be making these pouches with cookies available for purchase for your Valentine's! Email me with questions or orders!