Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm "Stuck on You" DIY Magnets!

Hey! Two posts in one week?? I'm thrilled :)

I'm not sure how this idea came to be.. But I wish it was a month ago in time for Valentine's day! How perfect would this be for your daughter to make for her bff to use in their school lockers?? Or for your significant other's office file cabinet? Or even party favors?? :)

I originally wanted to make (reusable) Washi Tape Magnets but was disappointed in the price (and local selection) of washi tape. Than I was at Michael's (as usual) and came across these adorable mini spools of ribbon. I thought, that would work just as great!

The magnetic tape was $2.50 at Lowes. (but I assume they sell at Walmart and other craft stores as well...) The leopard ribbon spool was $1 and you only use a little amount! Still plenty left for bow making and gift wrapping (or more magnets!).

Remove the white paper to expose the sticky tape of the magnet. 

Measure how long you want the magnet to be.

Mark the width of the ribbon and trim off. (The thickness of the magnetic tape was a little thicker than my ribbon).

If the tape doesn't hold your ribbon well, there is always hot glue :) Mine held up surprisingly well

Go add some magnets to your favorite piece of fridge art. :) 
(in my case, it's one by my 2 year old daughter

The magnetic strips were a bit curled up because of the packaging but an hour or so under something heavy should do the trick!

Everyone needs a little leopard in their lives- even if it's just magnets ;) 

One more day until the weekend!! Thanks for reading :)

PS. My sisters and I are working on something crazy big special over here that has been in the works for what I hope I can share soon because I'm super excited about it!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Fix a Broken Zipper (The Lazy Way)

Hi! I thought about not posting about this because it's actually kind of silly but I thought maybe someone has had the same dilemma and has thrown that dilemma in the donation pile or even worse- the trash! But I am getting way ahead of myself.

One day, in a rush, I purchased an adorable dress from Forever 21. They had a sale going on that was 50% off all the sale items and I was grabbing stuff left and right! I didn't get a chance to try anything on therefore didn't notice the major fault that this adorable $5 dress had... The zipper was broken...! Had I tried it on, I wouldn't have thought twice about buying it. I mean, "is this worth it?" I would have thought, not realizing just how simple the fix really is! As fate would have it, I didn't try it on and bought the broken zipper dress and that is the reason I write this post!

Truth is: I have never sewn in a zipper. I don't think it's too hard. It appears to be easy (especially if the garment had a prior zipper and everything is ready for a new zipper) but I have yet to try it. This lazy way fix will only work if your garment is a stretch fabric! The zipper is meant to make it easier to put a garment on but in most cases, it is impossible to put on without a zipper. Here is what I did...

Gut out the broken zipper. Use a Seam Riper. It is super easy and fast when using this and an inexpensive disposable must have for even a beginner sewer (like myself).

Pin the opening closed where the zipper was.

Sew down the line and reinforce (sew over twice- forgot to picture!). Make sure to back stitch the beginning and the end. 

Wear and no one will every know it used to have a zipper...

Just a note: I had no problem slipping this dress on without a zipper!
Dress: Forever 21, Blazer: Limited (Thrifted), Leopard Scarf: (Thrifted), Shoes: Nine West, Belt: H&M

That incredible leopard print scarf (with two actual leopards) is the most amazing thrift store find!! If you follow me on Instagram, you have already been blown away by it ;)

Via my Instagram
Can I just add: Who ever said leopard matches everything??... is a GENIUS. I don't know how it does, but it just does.

Hope to have more actual refashions up soon!

Have a wonderful day!! Thanks for reading :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Glittered DIY Belt - Belt Series #3

Glittered Belt - Series #3

I have been M.I.A. I guess I should say, I have been missing in inaction, if that makes sense! Truth be told, I haven't felt very inspired lately and had sort of a writers block of "DIY". 

It felt awfully empty not doing something creative on a regular basis! I'm glad to be back, even if it is this super easy project! 

I name this Belt Series #3 because of the previous #1 and #2 projects using old or thrifted belts! I hope you have been searching for belts and saving them up! Or you own a belt that could use sprucing up?? 

Here's what you'll need:

 (and a clear sealer that I forgot to picture!) 
Here's how to make the Mod Podge: Pour a bottle of Elmer's liquid glue into a container. Using the same bottle, fill half way with water. (2:1 ratio of glue to water). Mix. That's it! (Did I mention its half the price too?)

  •  Lay down a sheet of wax paper for easy clean up and to gather the left over glitter. 
  •  Paint over the belt with Mod Podge using the paintbrush.     Make sure to cover all area.
  • Pour glitter generously over the belt. Don't worry- you will save all the glitter that doesn't stick. 
  • Let set for about 15 minutes. Than tip it sideways letting all the access fall off. Don't brush it off and don't touch it. Tempting, I know..  

Spray over the whole belt with a clear sealer outside or a well ventilated area. (not pictured - I used Valspar Clear Sealer Gloss). Spray it well but not too close. After it dries,  spray it once more to insure the glitter stays. Let stand 24 hours.
Ready to wear!


On another note, how do you feel about stripes and floral?? Cute or just goofy? (My husband sides with the latter!) I am totally loving it now for some odd reason and it worked out perfect with my DIY peplum tank from last year.

I am totally ready for spring! It feels like spring is just around the corner now. Super excited. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week!