Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm "Stuck on You" DIY Magnets!

Hey! Two posts in one week?? I'm thrilled :)

I'm not sure how this idea came to be.. But I wish it was a month ago in time for Valentine's day! How perfect would this be for your daughter to make for her bff to use in their school lockers?? Or for your significant other's office file cabinet? Or even party favors?? :)

I originally wanted to make (reusable) Washi Tape Magnets but was disappointed in the price (and local selection) of washi tape. Than I was at Michael's (as usual) and came across these adorable mini spools of ribbon. I thought, that would work just as great!

The magnetic tape was $2.50 at Lowes. (but I assume they sell at Walmart and other craft stores as well...) The leopard ribbon spool was $1 and you only use a little amount! Still plenty left for bow making and gift wrapping (or more magnets!).

Remove the white paper to expose the sticky tape of the magnet. 

Measure how long you want the magnet to be.

Mark the width of the ribbon and trim off. (The thickness of the magnetic tape was a little thicker than my ribbon).

If the tape doesn't hold your ribbon well, there is always hot glue :) Mine held up surprisingly well

Go add some magnets to your favorite piece of fridge art. :) 
(in my case, it's one by my 2 year old daughter

The magnetic strips were a bit curled up because of the packaging but an hour or so under something heavy should do the trick!

Everyone needs a little leopard in their lives- even if it's just magnets ;) 

One more day until the weekend!! Thanks for reading :)

PS. My sisters and I are working on something crazy big special over here that has been in the works for what I hope I can share soon because I'm super excited about it!

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