Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Photo Booth: How to Vamp Up Any Party and Make it MEMORABLE!

Why, hello there.

It's been forever since I've blogged!

No, I don't have any really good reason. Except that life got in the way.. Time started going faster. Summer started. I hope you find yourself getting lost in the time too, with family and friends and memory-making!

I am very happy to be here now to share this!

Some of our dearest dearest friends moved across country. They also happen to be my husband's brother's family. (His only sibling) Including one of the sweetest sister-in-laws you could ever imagine having - one that would be willing to do anything for you. And their amazing kids that were more like siblings to our kids than cousins. We were close. We saw each other just about every day. To say we miss them is an understatement. But they are off doing amazing things in God's Glorious Name and I know God has planned incredible things for them.

Stay with me: This story has a reason! The girls of our Bible Study wanted to throw them a Surprise Good-Bye Party before they left and although it was simple, it was wonderful! Everyone enjoyed an al fresco dinner consisting of country themed food on a hot summer day and enjoying each other's company for the last time until God brings us all together again.

The clever theme (since they were leaving the country and moving to a big city) was "Ya'll Come Back Now, You Hear?" Everyone had to dress "country". It also consisted of good ole country food, burlap and doilies, candles and wildflowers. I cannot take credit for this adorable party- it was once again a group effort! Girls, you all did awesome. It was the perfect way to send off our brother and his family. . . . . . . . 

There was a whole table full of good food- I just wanted to share part of the menu in case you're are planning a party with this theme too!
Corn on the Cob
Meat Kabobs
Hotdogs (of course)
Green Bean Casserole
... Just to name a few!

The dessert table was loaded too. One of my favorites was the caramel apple dipping station. (To make caramel fondue: Melt caramel squares with some evaporated milk and butter on the stove top and than pour into a fondue pot.) We had different toppings such as Heath, little Reeses Pieces, and sprinkles. You can use anything you love!  I really wish I had a better picture!
This cake was made by one of the girls. It was perfect!! (and so delish too)

But the real reason I wanted to share this get together we had was because of the part that made the whole party: The photo booth!!

It really was a simple thing to plan! Almost everyone brought props and it was the funnest (and funniest) part of the party.

We used a tablecloth for the backdrop and bought a few hay bales to sit on and a country style quilt. This theme was super easy to style! I'll stop talking so you can see!!! 
Bandana's and the kid size cowboy hats were from Michael's!
 My sister borrowed these amazing authentic red boots from her sister in law and they definitely were a hit!
With my adorable sister-in-law and all the wildflower arrangements from the tables. :)

My sister made that WANTED sign out of a cardboard box! A little creativity goes a long way!
 Me with two of my best friends: my sisters :)

We will miss you so much more than you can ever know! I am so glad we have these pictures and that night as a wonderful memory..
I hope you can find some inspiration for your next "rodeo" (lame lame i know) and make it memorable with a photo booth that is literally fun for all ages. (Also blackmailing material for later, if you get the right shot) ;) 

Last picture from my phone: one of the best things about summer? Summer evenings...

Have a great day everyone! I plan to share new DIY projects soon!! Thanks for reading...

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