Thursday, June 16, 2016

Backyard Boho Bash (31st Surprise Birthday Party!)

The unexpectedness of this birthday party makes me smile. My dear sister turned 3 0 last year and somehow she convinced us that she did not want a party. Being her obedient sisters, we did not plan her one. Later it became evident that 30 is a big deal-(DUH) and it should be celebrated no matter what said sister tells you! It's enough reason to have someone throw you a party! So much filled with regret, my youngest sister and I started to plan the most unsuspecting party ever- her 31st birthday party surprise. That just made me smile again :). It is never too late, folks!

Teamwork is a beautiful thing. I could not have pulled off all this prettiness without my sister's and friend's help! There was also lots of DIY (of course), Pinterest, and the chance encounter with a pallet straight from party heaven! Than God orchestrated the most perfect weather and almost all our invitees were able to attend. It really was a perfect brunch. I wouldn't mind replaying that day!

Hope you enjoy the photo's!!

Somehow I completely forgot to photograph the food table but it was absolutely perfect! Cheesy shrimp tea sandwiches, prosciutto arugula sandwiches, mushroom & spinach quiche, chicken, salad and veggie platter with homemade hummus. Now another reason I want to go back to that day!

The macrame runner was an adaption of this tutorial.

The drop cloth hand-painted rug was my sister's labor of love. I might make another post about! It's so easy but so fun.

Also for a craft, I precut pieces of cord/different types of macrame rope for everyone to make their own hanging macrame pot holder. Then everyone was able to put their succulents in the completed craft and take it home to hang if they chose! I really enjoy adding a type of craft to each party- I think it makes it more memorable and then the guests are able to take home a "favor" that they actually made themselves, whilst learning a new skill! (For my little sisters 25th birthday party, we did a watercolor lesson! See it here!)

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. What now? My days seem so empty now that this one has passed. ;)

With Love, 


  1. These pictures are beautiful!!! Haven't been on your blog in a while, it was nice to see your posts! Hope more are coming soon?

    1. Thank you Katie! I haven't had the time to even sew lately :( but I hope I will start again soon! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!