Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Quick Refashion: Bell Flare Sleeve

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I am not going to make any promises on here- just happy to have a new blog post up. I really have missed sewing and crafting!  My phone is full of screenshots of inspiration and "to-refashion" ideas. Anyone else do that??

This refashion started with my new love: bell/ flare sleeves. Kinda like the 90's but more modern. I had this striped shirt (that used to be a dress, and the bottom half I made into a skirt for my daughter: see the post HERE) and it is the perfect stripe. I am sure everyone has their own opinion of what the "perfect stripe" is but this is IT for me. I have refashioned the same piece twice! Case in point: never say no to a top with the "perfect-to-you" stripe. It's hard to find!

This JCrew top is my inspiration. (The stripe is nearly identical toooooo!) Sadly it is sold out. SO make your own version! Instructions below!

1. Cut your sleeve at the desired length. I measured first a bit lower then were I wanted the ruffle to start. Remember, when you attach the "ruffle" it will go a bit higher then where you cut it. The effect I wanted was above my elbow.

2. If you want to try this refashion be on the lookout for a dress or tunic at the thrift store or your own closet! Cut off the bottom of shirt (sweatshirt material means no hemming needed for the bottom of the shirt and you can keep the factory hem for your sleeve! SCORE!) I used the bottom part of my shirt (dress) and it worked perfectly to add enough volume to the sleeve. Cut down the sewn seam and you get 2 pieces. The width of material for ruffle should be about 1.5 / 2 times the size of your armhole. The length is also preference! Cut it if you'd rather have a shorter "bell" which I should've probably done on mine.

3. Sew a basting stitch along the top. Pull gently to gather.

4. Measure around the sleeve hole opening and pin the gathered part to the correct size. Sew down the side to create a "tube". Make sure to match up stripes if you have a striped shirt!

(Love that notch out that happened on its own because of the way my dress was hemmed on the bottom!)

5. Turn inside-out and slide onto your shirt that is on the right side. Pin around the sleeve hole (again, making sure to line up the stripes and the sewn line)

6.REPEAT to other arm!

If you have any questions, ask away! Hope you get inspired to make something for yourself.

Don't flowers just make everything better? :)

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