Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Appliqué DIY Shirt

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything pink and girly and an excuse to wear it all. But usually I'm tempted to go buy every pink and heart print thing I see. Man, bloggers do such a good job at showing off the clothes, right? I think you should buy yourself a new dress. :) But considering making yourself something too!

When I was online browsing (sorta like my therapy: filling up my virtual basket) I saw soooo many pretty things from ASOS that were embroidered! Dresses, jeans, jackets and even bags. So pretty (love this one, and this sweater, and these jeans) I realized that they looked like appliques that you just iron-on. I decided to try and recreate the look.

I had this pretty lace top for a long time and it was finnnnnneeee but I wasn't wearing it and didn't want to give it away. It turned into the perfect "dressy" top for perhaps a Galintine's Day, or if you don't want to wear a skirt/dress because you live in a place that has winter. This would be SOOO cute with distressed/boyfriend jeans paired with pumps. (Mannn, that's what I should've wore. haha)

1. Decide which applique you want to use and where you will place it! This is the hardest part in this whole tutorial. If you want to attach to a basic tee, Old Navy or Target have great options. Or go to your local thrift or your own closet for a pretty piece to spruce up! (I ordered my appliques from this site!)

2. Pin/Mark where you want the applique. (I tried it on and placed it where I thought best)

3.  Place a towel on top of the applique gently so not to move it from its place (remove pins if you pinned) and hold an iron (on the highest setting) directly on top of the towel, that is on top of the applique. Press firmly down for 20-30 seconds. I did this twice since the first time my edges weren't quite on. (This may have to do with adhering to lace) MAKE SURE you're on a heat-resistant spot like an ironing board.

4. Optional: hand sew down around some of the edges in matching thread.

Now, whip your hair back and forth. Whip your hair back and forth.

Yea.. Sorry about that. Don't know where that came from...

Enjoy your new top!

With Love, 


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