Wednesday, February 15, 2017

DIY Pleated Brocade Midi Skirt Tutorial

Happy (LATE) Valentine's Day! Although I did want this to be a Valentine's Day post:  there is no wrong time to make this skirt! Pick a fabric and let's make this! :)

 I got this gorgeous pink brocade fabric at Walmart a few years ago and I fell in love with it.

 Velvet bow inspiration from my favorite blogger: Julia from Gal Meets Glam :)

2+ yrds heavier/thicker fabric
matching thread
matching invisible zipper
sewing machine

Measure the length you want the skirt.(You can use one of your existing skirts as reference point.) I cut 36 inches from the top (not including the waistband or later hemming) but ended up trimming it more later.

Leaving some room at the beginning (I left 3 inches) and start measuring 2 inch sections, folding the back end into itself, pinning, to create pleats. Keep measuring each one so you have even pleats. Do this all the way across the top of the fabric. Sew across in a straight line.

Measure it around your waist, making sure it fits on your natural waist (above your hips)  Be sure to leave 2-3 inches between your first and last pleat. Trim the sides to fit exactly how tight you want it around your waist, leaving 1/2 in room for zipper.

Cut a 2 inch thick piece of your fabric the length of your pleated skirt top. Fold in half, pin and attach to top of your pleats- attaching the pinned side to the raw edge of your skirt and folded part underneath. Using the same pins, attach the skirt to the strip of fabric. This will create your waistband and seal your pleats perfectly. Sew at top, removing pins as you go.
Flip the waistband up to hide the seams and iron down the pleats and waistband.

Next, install invisible zipper. I watched this video while pinning and sewing my zipper. It was perfectly explained!

Line the zipper up to reach the top of your skirt, including the waistband. (You may need to trim your waistband to end at the edge of the skirt)
Optional: You can choose to attach a hook and eye here to add better closure to the top of your skirt.

After zipper is installed, pin down the open edge of the skirt and close it off, inside out.
(It will not seem like a straight line while pinning because of the volume of the skirt at the bottom compared to top.)

Hem bottom to desired length. This is where I chopped extra off because it was a bit too long on me. I did the hem at an 1in thickness.

Trim all the crazy hanging pieces and you're done!

When looking back at my blog, I am shocked that Valentine's Day is one of the holidays that has the most blog posts. (Well, not reallllly shocked considering pink is my favorite color) Hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones. Or if you are like us and trying to beat the crowds on Valentines Day, enjoy your weekend date! :)

Thank you for being here! Hope you find the time to make something for yourself this week! Its so good for the soul!


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