Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Perfect Spring Top from Tablecloth

Yes: you read that title correctly! While looking through some cabinets- trying to downsize my overstock of everything, I noticed the trim edging of this tablecloth I almost tossed into the donation pile. We received it as a gift but it was never my style. The trim spoke to me! I have been imagining a dreamy white top with pretty trim for some time now! (Like THIS one or THIS one) So I thought I'd just try and make it out of the tablecloth. I felt like Scarlett O'Hara to say the least. ;)

If you happen to come across such a lucky fabric find, you can make yourself a perfect Spring Top too!

1. Using a (boxy) top as a pattern, lay it on the fabric that has been folded so it's double layered. I cut the arm holes a bit bigger then my pattern shirt just because I liked the idea of it being more roomy. If you have pretty trim on the bottom, line up the pattern and make sure you cut in the same place on both fabrics. Also be mindful of how much you leave. (i.e. I liked the idea of the pattern to seem continuous around the bottom of the shirt.)

2. Sew the top shoulder part together, laying the fabric right sides together and sewing the wrong side. 

3. Using another pattern for the sleeve, cut out two sleeves. (I had a dissected sleeve for this part. Or you can buy the sleeve pattern in the store. I recommend finding an old shirt you don't need to use as a pattern or buying a pattern. Sleeve shapes are weird!) Since I was making a long sleeve, I also was mindful of the pretty trim around the sleeve. I left the bottom opening 24' and it created a big bell-like sleeve.

Open your two attached body pieces and slide your sleeve up to the opening. Pin around, wrong side up to wrong side up. Sew this nice and slow. It will have an awkward curve.

Repeat to other "arm hole"

4. While still inside out, sew down the side of shirt and sleeve to close off your shirt.

5. Now for the neckline, Cut two strips about 3 inches thick of your same fabric. Using your neckline as a template, arch one more for the front neckline and the back one less arched. Pin around the top of the neckline- this time with the shirt right side out. (Make sure you are marking with washable pencil :)

6. Flip the flaps into the shirt and iron down. Sew around the top as straight and uniform as possible, creating a pretty edge. Pin to insure it stays put..

7. Iron your finished top!! DONE!


I LOVE how it turned out! And love my sweet husband that took his time to take these pics of me. :)  Love you babe.

With love,



  1. This came out so lovely! I would have NO idea you made this from a tablecloth!

  2. Thank you so much! Just checked out your blog- Love your style! You are so gorgeous!