Friday, April 28, 2017

Crop Top Shirt Refashion: Drawstrings

Hello lovelies! and Happy Friday!

What better way to start the weekend then to make something new for yourself? Especially an easy refashion like this that is super stress-free and can be done in less than an hour. I am sure you have the perfect top for it too.

We went on a weekend away with the kids and it was the perfect chance to wear this top. I have also been more aware of the damage the sun can do to your skin and try to have a more covered up cover-up for when it feels just too hot out. Button up's have become my favorite beach wear!

I bought this button down from a thrift store (it is a Target brand) a few years ago because: stripes.. haha. But it wasn't really great on me. It was a bit too short and a bit too snug for a button down. It didn't have the laid back fit I like. I was so inspired by a photo while online shopping (This is the top!) that my mind immediately thought of that button down shirt I still had in my closet. It is moments like these that I applaud myself for hoarding all my old clothes. :)

If you don't have enough left over fabric to make a drawstring- don't worry! Use a piece of ribbon like this beautiful blouse from Zara. 

Look how easy it was to make this shirt into a cropped top and add drawstrings!

 1. Try on and mark where you want the shirt to end- add an inch or two to that for your "hem"

 2. Using the pieces you have left, cut strips of equal width. I was able to do two strips.

 3. Fold over the strips in half and pin down. Sew along the line.

4. (Not pictured) Turn the sewn strips right side out - to hide the seam. I use a safety pin pinned to the edge and just start shoving it into the hole. Sew together the two strips to make one long one.

5. Pin up the bottom of your shirt- make it large enough to thread your drawstring through. Sew along the pins.

6. Thread your drawstring through. You are done!
Wear with your favorite high-waisted white jeans or with a one piece at the pool or with a flowy maxi skirt. Think of it over a dress! SO MANY OPTIONS!!! Enjoy!

If you'd rather buy one, I found these great options! This one is reasonably priced with a similar feel
and this one is embroidered! And how beachy and gorgeous is this one?? 

Would love to hear from you! Will you make this?? Thank you so much for reading!

With Love,