Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY Fabric Streamer Tutorial (from fabric scraps!!)


I wanted to share with you how I made the fabric streamer for our cookie event because honestly, it was so easy to make and it is so versatile. It can be used anywhere, as home decor or for a shower or party backdrop! Throwing a visually beautiful party doesn't have to be expensive. Just takes a little DIY (and luck in the thrift stores) ;) The fabrics we used for the streamers was all thrifted (except the navy striped one- which was $1/yd at Walmart).

You will need:
  • A long thick ribbon (or a strip of material) to attach the fabric strips to
  • Fabric; complimentary mix of colors and patterns (and different textures too!) I used lots of scraps but I am guessing about 1/2-1 yard of each fabric. You can choose to have one more dominate pattern/color that will be the volume and less of the others.
  • Fabric scissors (or sharp scissors)
I began with cutting all the fabric in strips, cutting in the direction to make the strips as long as possible. The ones that ripped straight, I did that by starting with a straight scissor cut and pulling all the way down the rest of the fabric. I didn't use a ruler for the others. I just cut down as straight as I could. I liked the rough carefree look and honestly, you can barely tell that they aren't perfectly straight. But use a ruler for a more clean look (and if you're a perfectionist)! ;)

Loop the fabric around the ribbon by folding the strip in half and pulling the strip around the ribbon and through the hole you've created. (wow, that sounds confusing! But you know what I mean- see picture) 
Pull taunt. 

Continue with all the fabric, using as much as you want. Than you can move the strip up and down the ribbon without restraint and readjust how dense and close together you want the strips once you're done. Also, you can add strips later when you hang it and see where you want more color, etc.

I began looping the fabric the reverse way than I showed above, creating the loops to look backwards. It's not a huge deal- I later realized it didn't look as nice but from a distance its not noticeable. (I might fix it before I hang it up for baby... but, yea not likely :)

Ready to use for your decor needs!

TIP: Since I was using scraps of material, I didn't fold all the strips in half because they were short. I folded them 1/4 way so that it looked longer than it really was. This makes it thinner on the bottom too so I wouldn't recommend doing that for all the strips. 

Have a great weekend! Hope you are enjoying the cooler temps and the beginning of FALL!!! Thank you for reading!

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