Monday, September 9, 2013

Hand Sewn Heart Elbow Patches out of Leather!

Happy Monday!!

As most of you know, Instagram is addiciting. Not only do you get to see beautiful imagery along with photography of people's travels and food, it is also very inspiring!! A fashion blogger I adore posted this picture a few weeks ago of this ASOS top and that is where this idea was born. Although the original isn't a bad price, I didn't think it was worth purchasing right now with my growing belly. But I easily recreated it!! You don't need a sewing machine for this one, you guys!

What you will need:

A long sleeve tee, preferably striped!
I found my long sleeve (striped) tee at Old Navy. You won't regret purchasing one because it's a classic look (at a great price!) that will never go out of style. Or maybe you have one you don't mind upgrading. 

Scrap pieces of leather (or pleather.)
I purchased an old outdated "leather" coat from a local thrift. It will provide material for lots more leather detailing for the future- which believe me, there will be. :) (A cotton would also do the trick!)

Heart Template
I used this one because I liked a longer sort of heart. You can download the template here:

Needle, matching string

1. Try on your top and mark the placement of your elbow. I used a piece of tape to remember the placement. 
(Tip: make it a natural placement, without pulling down on the sleeve too much.)

2. Trace and cut out your hearts.

3. Place the heart where you want it and pin around. I used a small box lid to place in between the sleeve so that the hand sewing would be MUCH easier and makes the stitches much straighter and not bunch up. Find something to use, because it really makes a difference. (I wonder if there is something that sells specifically for this purpose? Seems there would be...) 

4. I used the backstitch method because it is the strongest. It was very easy and I used this video to refresh my memory. If you have never done it before, you could practice on a piece of fabric. 

5. That's it! Make sure you secure the last stitch and repeat steps for other elbow!

I love it! And it's a super comfy option that you can dress up or down! (One day I will wear it with my leather skirt! Until than, prego mama jeans it is. Haha) 

Have a wonderful week everyone! Thanks for reading.

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