Monday, September 23, 2013

Simple Jewelry Making : An Animal Pendant

You guys! We had so so much fun this weekend! Thanks to all that came out and supported us and the great events that were going on. We sold lots of cookies and heard great feedback! We are thrilled. :) I mean, we knew the Oreshki Cookies are amazingly delicious but to hear it said back to us really made our day! We also heard a great response to our flavors (especially the Nutella and Pumpkin Spice!) I can't wait to share pictures! Anyways, we are super excited over here and already brainstorming new winter flavors. (Also, hoping to open up shop in Etsy soon for all those that are reading from a distance!)

Today I wanted to share a simple satisfying little DIY. Satisfying because it only takes a few minutes, and you have a new piece to brighten up your wardrobe. On one of my many stops to Micheal's, preparing for the festival sale and barn sale, I spotted this cool (GOLD) lion pendant. I mean, he spoke to me (roared to me??) and I knew just what I was going to do with him. Come on, it was a GOLD LION HEAD. Did I mention he's gold??! :-D

All you need is 
Lion Pendant (Michael's also had a silver owl, a bird, and other fun pieces!)
Matching Chain
End clasp
Jewelry pliers (to attach the clasp)

Measure the length you want the necklace to be. (I made the necklace long enough to slip on and off without having to undo the clasp)

  Loop through the pendent. Attach the end clasps by prying open the last connections and re-closing onto the clasps ends.


Despite my sister making fun of this necklace (I guess she doesn't speak Lion OR feel a certain attraction to gold), I LOVE it! :) 

Go rock it too.

On another note, how perfect for fall is this pleated plum color dress I thrifted?!? 

Hope you are enjoying the season change and are as excited as I am for sweaters and jackets! Thanks for reading!! 

(BTW, has coupons avaliable via your phone. They almost always have the 40% off a regular priced item (if not more!) Just show the coupon at the registry and you can get this cool pendant for $3!) 


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