Monday, September 16, 2013

Super Excited! Our BIG NEWS!!


So, I know I told you weeks ago (or months?!?! where did the time go?) about some big news that I couldn't wait to share with you.. News that was "in the works". Well, it never made more sense to tell you as it does now! My sisters and I decided to start baking and selling Oreshki Cookies! (Russian Nut Shaped Cookies) Although most of the Russian community ate this cookie all their lives, we wanted to expand our traditions (of yummy desserts) to everyone else! We also added our own spin to the cookies that we can't wait for you to try!

Why was this a secret?? It really wasn't. We just wanted the business name and logo to be perfect before getting it out there.  Since then, we have put aside the company name decisions, etc and are more focused on letting this amazing cookie be known! This "special occasion" cookie shouldn't be a rare occasion in your life. It should be eaten in celebration of life itself and for all the hard work that (I KNOW) you do! :)

My most exciting news is the events we have coming up! Saturday, September 21, 2013 we will be selling our cookies at two events! (What are the odds of that happening??) The Perennial Favorites Barn Sale in Bridgewater and the Grottoes Harvest Festival that happens to be scheduled on the same day! (Click on the name to see their page.)  Both events start at 9 am and we would love to see you! If you are local, you MUST come check them out! We are very excited and feel HONORED to be part of both of these events and I know they will be literally oooozing with talent and creativity! If you are in the area, you don't want to miss out on the incredible homemade and unique things that will be for sale there! Chance of a lifetime! (well, chance of the year, but basically the same thing!)

We did this photo shoot last year and we had so much fun! The kids really enjoyed it. The hardest part was getting enough shots before they ate all the cookies!

I wanted to add a special thanks to Amelia! She is one of the brains behind the Perennial Barn Sale and she is one incredibly talented lady!! If you have never seen her blog: (or don't follow her on Instagram), you must. Her talent and eye for party/event planning is undeniable! I am so glad we have met :) You are an inspiration, Amelia! 

I will definitely be posting pictures of our events on Saturday! Until then, have a blessed week!

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