Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just to bring Christmas back for a little...

Its been almost a week since Christmas has past and I still can't help but feel like it went by all too fast. :(
I would do it all over again.. You? Not that this year I didn't procrastinate. Because I DID... 

There is always the one gift you forget to get and you're running to the store Christmas Eve, even though, every year prior, you told yourself you would never do this again.. RIGHT?? Or is that just me?! haha. At least I can laugh now. My husband at the time: not so much! :)

But... I just love Christmas. I love the joy that is evident. Which becomes dimmer as the months go by...
And for the indescribable gift that God gave us for which we cannot repay: A baby boy born and angels filled the sky proclaiming His glory...

I hope to bring all that back with these pictures of our beautiful Christmas party! It was a wonderful night with friends and coffee and Mrs. Alla's mouthwatering melt-in-your-mouth cake (to those of you who know her, know just how great that part really is!)

 Making the centerpeice! This consists of FREE greenery from a local Christmas tree stand, FREE pinecones that one of the girls found, FREE berries from a bush @ my sisters house (really wish I knew what it's called- they are beautiful!!) and ornaments: silver from Target ($1 section) and big red ones were mine (I bought them last year at Target). Total price of HUGE centerpiece?? $2 :)

When everything was finally set up and last food prep was going on, I snapped a few pics. Forgive the quality! Learning how to take "professional" pics is on my New Years Resolution!

The berries again in little vases with a candle! I love these berries! They just about made the party.

Top View. Love it!

 The balls were supposed to be hanging above the food but they kept falling. :( So this is how they were used. It was a little upsetting but still adorable.

Dessert Table. Yum! Lots of Russian style sweets :)

"The Birth of Christ" or Happy Birthday Jesus! 

We added berries to the balls too :) They were just fabulous everywhere. :) I love the final look! I got to keep three balls and this is how they look at home now...

Hope you ALL had a wonderful Christmas and this brings back those recent memories and the joy that should not just be around @ Christmas time!

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