Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

Hello Hello! Happy Monday to you all. 

I hope you all celebrated the father's in your life and made them feel special and appreciated! My husband made an interesting remark of how mothers are always celebrated and are born with the natural intuition to be a mother but fathers have to learn it. Although I don't completely agree with that comment, I do agree that fathers don't get as much recognition as they should! They are just as important in the raising of a child and there are serious proven downsides to growing up without a father. So praise God for yours. Give thanks for having a father for to your children and to those without: I hope you have the peace of knowing Jesus Christ and pray you know Him as your  Heavenly Father Always.

I've promised to show you how we made those big tissue paper flowers for our garden baby shower and it couldn't be easier! There are many tutorials on how to make similar flowers but most of them are made with crepe paper. Living where I do, its not easy to get my hands on! We discovered this method and it turned out beautifully! (And cheaper, may I add?)

 1.  Most of the flowers were made with tissue paper I had left over so I don't know exactly how many sheets you would need. But it's really up to you on how full you want it to look. The bigger the flower, the more sheets you will need. These pictures show me making a smaller one (1/4 the size of a full tissue sheet) About the size of a dinner plate (9 in). If you buy a pack from Walmart, they were rather thin, so i doubled each "petal". This pack had 16 sheets but it really made 8 "petals" of this shape.
2. Trim around the edge. Pictured is rounded off but we also did pointed and heart shape ends to make the flowers look different. My favorite was the heart shape end.
 3. Gather or scrunch the middle of the tissue paper and hot glue the folds so that it stays gathered. Like I mentioned above, I am using two sheets for each petal because it was very thin. But if you have a finer quality tissue paper, one layer would work fine. 
*Be careful! It's hot! You can feel the hot glue through the tissue paper so hold with caution!
 (Ignore the dirty glue gun! That was from gluing pine cones during Christmas time!)- see link :)
 4. Do this step until you have all your petals made:
5. Now you can start to layer the petals one on top of the other, hot gluing each layer in the center.  Alternate positions to make it look most like a flower.

6. Optional: Add a twisted piece of coordinating tissue paper in the center. We did this on every other flower. Again, just to make them all look a little different.

 7. Attach them where you want them. I used regular tape in my dining room when testing it out and it held great. We used wire to attach the flowers to the lattice at the baby shower.

Don't assume this is only for parties! This looked great taped to my wall. :) It would look cute in a nursery or girls room.

Thanks for stopping by! I have lots of cool projects I'm wanting to  show you including another baby shower! I hope to post them soon. :) Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Oh this is soo cute! I like all your ideas, congrats for this blog, I have discovered it on Instagram :) kisses!!