Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Purrfect Kitten (and Puppy) Party

Hello! I missed you guys!! (my virtual make believe friends) :)

I have been sorta busy over here- having a baby, nothing major ;) Just kidding of course! It is definitely the biggest news I can give! Praise God! She is a healthy happy little girl that we can't get enough of and we are so thankful to God for protecting her and bringing her into this world! We are blessed to have her to love. I am enjoying every minute of our new addition and still surprised over how fast the time goes by.

Whilst (yes, sounds cooler) I was still pregnant, I was planning an early birthday party for our daughter. It so happened that baby girl #2 wanted to be a week early and was born on that day instead! :) I am not complaining! We had a huge birthday cake that we got to enjoy on the birth day of our second girl instead :)

Anyways, long story short- We promised a kitten party for Em. I didn't get to throw her the party I had planned and envisioned. I am writing this post so YOU CAN throw the purrfect kitten party I wanted to ;) Really though, it's so I can stop thinking about it! Posting this makes me feel like all my research and planning will be of some use and maybe inspire one of you.

It all began when I got a great set of cupcake liners and toppers of cats and dogs at Target (on major clearance!) I knew I had to incorporate something for the boys (because we always invite family and that includes lots of cousins that are boys) so that's how this party became a kitten & puppy party. (the boys being the dogs) I also bought the plates and napkins from the same collection at Target and it definitely created the color theme and the whole look and feel of the party! 

My original idea was to make felt masks for the boys and girls of dog faces and cat faces. I found these two great tutorial and templates online!
But since this was a bit time consuming, the boys didn't get masks and the girls got cat ears instead! I enjoyed this much more and it was so simple to make! There are a bunch of tutorials online for this. All you need is:

Headbands (I got mine in a pack of 3 at the Dollar Store for $1) 
2 or more colors of felt (@ Michael's for about .30 a sheet!)
Needle and coordinating string

I used the same hand sewn back stitch technique I used for the leather hand stitched hearts.

I eye-balled the ear shape but this tutorial gives you an idea to get you started:

I wish I took pictures but its pretty self explanatory. I also hand stitched along the bottom of the ears so they hold better, like this:

I added a paw print with a stamp and black ink to the table cloth to keep the table simplistic and not too busy. (stamp from Michael's)

The goodie bags were something I also got a chance to make before baby's arrival. The inspiration was from this site:

This is adorable and simple too!
If you don't want to do a favor, another GREAT idea I found was an "Adopt A Pet" Station. This is where you have stuffed kitten and puppy toys for your guests to pick out and take home. I thought this was so cute!! I am sure you can find great options at the thrift store too! (Make sure to give them a deep soak hot bath though!)

Decorate with balloons or Chinese lanterns made into cat faces like at this girl's birthday bash:

Food is also a great way to incorporate the theme. I bought doggie and bone cookie cutters (also at Michael's!) and planned to make sugar cookies! Something like this:
"Doggie Treats" were also on our menu. Just pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate and topped with sprinkles. (These were delish!)
Don't forget the obvious: hot dogs! :)

Make strawberry milk for the kids too (since all kittens love milk). I found this ADORABLE inspiration picture:

Source Unknown :(

Lastly I wanted to share some game ideas I had thought up just in case your weather is permitting and you get to be outside! 

-Pin the tail (or bow) on a dog/cat picture while blindfolded. 

-Doggie Tag: The "dogs" chase after the "cats". You can make tails by attaching ribbon to the waist and have it be detachable with velcro (similar to flag football). The ones that are "it" have to pull off the tail to catch the cat or dog. It's nothing really but it's a great way to run off that sugar rush! 

-Ball Search: This would be very similar to Easter Egg Hunt but instead of plastic eggs, hide balls (maybe tennis balls) or plastic bones around the area and tell the dogs and cats to find their missing toys! The one with the most balls (or bones) wins a prize. 

Psstt- You could just use plastic eggs. Say they are balls. :) What kid doesn't love an egg hunt? 

If you are wondering where you would find bones, I have no answer :( Around halloween they sell a bag of bones and that would work perfectly! But otherwise, I scoured the web and didn't find any other source. 

And that's a wrap! Hope your kitten and/or doggy party turns out great!! I'd love to hear all about it. :)



  1. Fabulous puppy party. Will share this theme with my friend who have to organize a birthday party for her little girl at one of local New York venues. Her baby just love dogs. Planning to gift her a small real cute puppy. I am sure she will be very happy to have it.