Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Years!! 

I hope you met the new year with loved ones! Do you feel hopefulness and joy for the new beginning that you have been given?! I hope you do! I hope you have also set New Year Resolutions. I was working on them little by little trying to think of ways to improve on all areas of my life, including this blog! I believe if you don't set goals and plans for improvement, than you won't strive and aim to achieve them. 

I didn't write any down last year but had the same usual ones in my head.. To be a better mom and wife. To read more, pray more, and use my phone less.. I think that a lot of you had/have the same resolutions. They aren't bad but since they are so vague, I don't know if I achieved them in any way at all. Am I a better wife? A better mother? I resolve to be more specific in my resolutions. :) This year I wrote them down. Where will my phone be off-limits? What will I change in my attitude towards my husband? How will I aim to spend more purposeful time with my kiddos? Than we will be able to see how far (or how little) we have grown.. 

2013 was a blur. Am I being cliche in saying time flies?? I have to say I don't remember much of it. I worry that means I didn't cherish the time.. But I will always remember 2013 for one reason. It gave us an incredible gift from above: our third child. God has blessed us and continues to bless us regardless of our inadequacy. We are the most undeserving to receive them. I look at our baby girl's face and feel God's presence. His utmost LOVE for us through this sweet precious child. Where else can she have come from?? 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights... (James 1:17)

From God alone... 

There aren't words to describe our joy. I think if you are a mother you understand! 

We rarely get professional pictures done (said with great sadness) so I thought I would share these wonderful pictures taken of baby girl in the hospital. Instead of taking the usual traditional baby photo, the hospital had a photographer come in and professionally take pictures. She was there with us for like 10 minutes and produced these wonderful photos of our day old baby girl! How wonderful it would be to be a photographer! Sigh. It doesn't take much time to snap the photo but it takes skill to do it right, and you forever have created a beautiful image. 

Welcome baby girl. You are greatly loved and adored! 

The last one is my favorite and the one we used on our birth announcements. :)

Isn't she the most beautiful baby girl you have ever seen?? I may be biased.. Or maybe not ;)

Here's to a new year! New adventures in parenting, new memories and reasons to laugh and cry and create and the joy in the gift of life!

Have lots to share and can't wait! Two Christmas parties and a Parisian Garden Baby Shower! (Which happens to be the one my sisters threw for me!) Not to mention more DIYs and refashions! 

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  1. She is a beauty, congrats to you and your entire family.