Friday, January 9, 2015

Dearest Friends! New and Old

I'm reunited (to blogging!!!!!!) And it feels so goooood! (haha, please tell me you sang that line!)

I wanted to introduce myself to those that don't know me! My name is Viktoria and I was born in Uzbekistan. When I was about 2 years old (or not even) my family, which consisted of my parents and 5 other siblings, moved across country. First to Italy for a few months, as part of our sponsorship and than to California where my youngest brother was born and we lived for a few years. We than set off across country again to Virginia. I have now lived most of my life here in Virginia! I am married to an amazing husband  that still claims to loves me after 7 years of torturing him ;) and we have 3 beautifully incredible kids.

Photos by the SUPER TALENTED Lavender Dreams Photography
I love the thrift store hunt and the clearance find but I also enjoy DIYing and remaking someones trash into our treasure. A lot of that was instilled in us because growing up with so much siblings, my mom often shopped in thrift stores.. But it wasn't just to get us "clothed". (although maybe at a time it was). My parents were both hard working and we always had everything we needed. What was more surprising as I got older and actually understood it, was that my mom was buying us fashionable clothes.. with name brands... that all the kids in school were wearing! We didn't stick out and our clothes did yell "THRIFT STORE" but instead dressed and looked like we were like everyone else. I finally, after many years ,began to appreciate it and stopped being embarrassed of shopping there. Know I proudly proclaim it! My parents also remade and refinished antique furniture (and sold it in our local farmers market!) and my dad was always DIYing or remodeling something around the house. It was a magical childhood indeed!

I have really missed blogging!  But I needed to rethink my purpose and direction. My blog "" was my baby. I started it one night on a whim, without much thought to the name or what I was trying to show to the world. I wasn't sure I would love it. I wasn't sure if YOU would love it or find something worth your time. The more I created, the more I wanted to share it with you! But my dream was always to share it in a clear, simple way for those that were busy with little minions (like myself)! For those that thought sewing or beautifying something was beyond their skill level or their creative realm. I wanted to share the simple joy you get when you make something. The satisfaction of saving money doesn't hurt either! ;) I wanted my blog name to represent that.

I wanted you, the reader, to see my blog name and understand exactly what this blog is about. It's about an EYEFUL of Lovely.. The name was something I thought about for months and months (and it finally formed into a title with the help of my sister! Aren't sisters the best!?).

One definition is :

1. as much as one can or wants to see   

I hope you will get an eyeful of lovely every time and keep coming back to get more and more lovely inspiration in your day!

Thank you so much for joining me! I hope you will come back soon!!




  1. I couldn't be happier that you have begun blogging again- I've missed your posts!!

    1. Thanks sis :) ready to collab again?? :)

  2. Love the new name girl! It's good to have you back, may God bless your blog and all that you do!! :-)

    1. Thank you SO much Violetta! I really appreciate it!