Friday, January 30, 2015

Chiffon Peplum Under a Sweater (Remake)

Hi Friends!

Thank you for the positive response and encouragement in starting to blog again!! You guys are the BEST!! 

I have been wearing this sweater non stop!... since I added a chiffon piece of fabric to the bottom. It's so funny to me because it was literally laying on the bottom of my closet for years (I bought it on huge clearance same time I bought this dress and didn't get to try it on in the store). It was always a bit too short on me. Now, I want to wear it everyday! It matches everything. That just proves that a little (EASY AND FAST) tweak can completely change the life of something in your closet. Another reason I love it? It has the "layered" put together look without the effort! :)

What you will need:

-A sweater to add too : It doesn't have to be too short on you. I think you can add a pretty peplum to a longer sweater to make a tunic or on a loose fit sweater would look really pretty too!

-Sheer Fabric (Like chiffon, or fabric that hangs well  but isn't too thick) 1.5 longer than the bottom diameter of your sweater. (I had a piece left over from this dress I shortened.. It ended up being the perfect length. See, I was serious when I said I keep all my scraps! I am crazy!) Also, the width you need to cut depends on how much you want hanging out of your sweater. Mine is about 5 inches exposed plus the amount you sew under.

-Sewing Machine

1.  Hem the bottom of your fabric.

2. Sew your piece of fabric into a loop, connecting the two short pieces. (mine was already connected and hemmed since I cut it from a dress.. But something like this:

3. Sew a line at the longest stitch setting on the top of the piece of fabric that is not hemmed . (Back stitch the starting point but DO NOT backstitch at the end.)

4. Gently pull on one of your strings until it gathers. Since the material is so lightweight, this won't take much effort.

5. Turn your sweater inside out and pin the gathered hoop around the edge, moving the ruffles around if they start to get bunched. Depending on the type of sweater you have, you must determine where to attach the peplum in the most inconspicuous place-so there wont be a weird line sewn into the middle of your sweater. I pinned the hoop right at the top of the base of the sweater, where the cuff ends and is attached to the rest of the sweater.

6. Starting at the side hem, carefully sew the ruffle to the inside of your sweater, removing pins as you go!

7. You're done! Enjoy your "new" sweater!

If you have any questions, ask in the comments! I 'm getting back into tutorials and blogging so forgive me if it's a little rusty! I want it to be as understandable as possible!

Thank you SO much for reading!


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