Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chopping a Dress into a Skirt

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I think its confession time: I bought this dress because of the print. It DID NOT look good on me in the dressing room and after many years and efforts of styling it, it still did not look good. The problem was the shape of the dress. It was a weird bag shape (and no, not in the chic, effortless way people are wearing bags these days) ;) Plus, every single time I put it on, my husband made a face and would say something that always had the word "bathrobe" in it. Haha. My husband is NOT picky about what I wear. He usually tells me I look beautiful (wise man) but this dress was his limit.

Too attached to the print to give the dress away, I thought I'd cut it in half and make it into a skirt. I have worn it more times this way than I ever did when it was in a dress form. I know I know, you can wear your dresses as skirt by just wearing them under shirts but because the top of this dress was so weird, I couldn't do that...  If your dress can be layered, keep it the way it is. But if it just does not work and you absolutely hate how it looks on you, I say chop it. :)

This is the super easy way without adding a waistband:

1. Cut. (Keep in mind you are folding down the top for the elastic, so the skirt will get a bit shorter)

2. Turn inside out and fold over the top of your "skirt" the width of your elastic. Iron and pin all the way around.

3. Sew around, using matching thread but leave a small opening. (Usually at the side)

4. Measure the elastic around your natural waist (or where you want the skirt to sit) and add an inch. Thread it through the sewn hole (Using a paperclip or saftey pin).

5. (not pictured) Sew both ends of the elastic together. Close hole shut by hand sewing or running it through the sewing machine.


(Note: My skirt still shifted around a little since I didn't make a separate waistband but it doesn't bother me. But here is a great tutorial By Merricks Art (Scroll to bottom!) on how to sew a waistband and make your skirt feel more secure)

What do you think? Did I make the right decision to cut??

Have a beautiful week! Until next time :)

With Love,


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