Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Shorts: Gingham


I don't know what it is, but I am all about shorts this summer. The usual desire to wear dresses and skirts are just gone (for now) but I think it has lots to do with chasing around a busy (and FAST) one year old :) That being said, I also don't feel comfortable with the length (or lack there of) in shorts from the store these days. But what an easy DIY! My new favorite is the rolled up look. Bonus: No need to hem and super cute! No need for a sewing machine either. :)

I had thrifted these gingham capris a while back because I am so loving this print this year. Nothing says summer like GINGHAM! Ok, maybe picnics. And watermelon. And fireflies. :)
I also love the high-waisted look of these pants/shorts. The thrift store is overfilling with this style. Just take your pick of fabric pattern and you have a new pair of shorts!

 1. Have your pant/shorts/capris that you want to chop. This works for jeans as well!

2. Trim to your desired length plus about 2 inches. (Depending how fat of a roll you want) Make sure they are the same length on both legs.

3. Fold once. Fold once more.

4. Iron the folded part! This is an important step. It keeps the fold from unfolding.

Final Step: To also  keep the shorts from unrolling, I did a simple thread on the outside edge of the shorts using a needle and thread. Knot the thread, pull it through the inside to the outside, pull it back into the shorts and repeat 3-4 times. Than knot the back end and you're done! (Use a thread that matches so you can't see it)

Little behind the scenes: :)

Pack a picnic basket and go to your nearest park (or your backyard!) and enjoy the NOW. I have to make myself stop sometimes and just dwell and pause in the moments to remind myself to enjoy the kids. In the age they are right now. In the stages of discipline we are at RIGHT NOW. There might be tough things going on. You might be in a stage of waiting or a stage of praying or you might be in a praising stage. Let us enjoy the every moment..

Do you have a tried-and-true shorts DIY that you do every year? Would love to hear it!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

With Love, 

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