Monday, May 11, 2015

Hanging Floral Wreath Chandelier

My sisters and I enjoy party planning. Lucky for us, we have plenty of reasons to throw a party (many birthdays and showers to plan!) But we do have the occasional "what reason can we find to throw a party" conversation. Yes, seriously.

I jumped on the opportunity to contribute to my sister's little girl's 1st birthday party (SEE HERE! IT'S SO CUTE!). I made a very simple but eye catching hanging floral wreath. It is very easy to make and adds some visual height to your party. Plus, it's just fun! With all the blooming trees around, how could I NOT bring them indoors. Branches work great because they have a natural arch to them. But you can just as easily make it with fake flowers or any flowers of your choice!


1. Separate the branches in manageable pieces.

 2. Start wrapping the wire around the branches securely onto the wreath. Don't stress if it's not even! The imperfections are what is so beautiful and natural looking.

3. Continue adding all around, making it as thick as you'd like it.

I also added some fake blue flowers I had around the house to make it a bit more interesting.

4. Cut a long thick ribbon in half (mine were about a yard each). Tie the ends of the ribbon at four even points across of each other, to balance the weight.

Ready to HANG!

I love how versatile this is! Can't you just see a hanging wreath like this covered in roses and carnations?? Tulips?? Hydrangeas!??! SO beautiful! :) Or hang ribbons down all around the wreath in a more shabby chic style!

Let me know if you made a halo for your little "flower angel"! I would LOVE to see how yours turned out! And as always, ask any questions! I will do my best to answer them.

Thanks so much for reading!!

With Love, 


  1. This was absolutely gorgeous and totally made the party!! Thank you so much!