Monday, May 4, 2015

1st Birthday Party: Little Flower

Happy Monday, Friends! ( It's Monday, AGAIN??)

My sweet baby niece turned ONE a few weeks ago and I am so happy I was able to be there to witness this special day in her life. Although she is not my sister's first child, this is the first baby I have actually got to cherish and see grow. My sister used to live in FL and our babies didn't get to see each other much! This niece is also very dear to me because she is only about half a year younger than our youngest, Lily. Seeing them grow up and play and love (and already fight! haha) has been so much fun! I hope we get to see MANY more birthdays and play-dates and sleepovers in the future for these little ones :)

I was able to shoot a few pictures of this Little Flower's First Birthday party and it was just perfect. Only complaint: too much yummy sweets. The dessert table was overfilled and I didn't even get to try it all! Looking back at pictures has me feeling all "HOW DID I NOT TRY THAT?!?" haha..

Hope you enjoy! And I apologize in advance if you get all hungry and stuff... :)

(I will post a VERY EASY Diy on that floral hanging wreath soon!)

That chalkboard is beyond amazing. Can't help you make one of those (Although my sisters probably could!) But I can help you make those tissue paper flowers like from this post - A baby shower we did a few years ago!
Handmade by my sister - LOVE

Some of the other flowers at the party :) - How beautiful are those floral head pieces!?! Raise your hand if you want my sister to open an Etsy shop to sell those! ME TOO! So in love with them.

Lady-like cake eating. :)
And the sweet birthday girl even shared her birthday cake. :)

And I had to share pictures of the little BFF's on the table, enjoying too much candy. They are just SO FUNNY together. We are always nonstop laughing when they are together.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Now excuse me while I go wallow in self-pity because I have officially ran out of Cadbury Mini Eggs....

Thanks so much for reading!

With Love,


  1. Thanks for taking pictures- It was so much fun!

  2. Loved it all!! You did so good!