Monday, May 15, 2017

Straw Bag Remake

Hello hello!

The basket/ratten/wicker bag trend is everywhere right now! I love it and want one in every shape!

I'm sure that is the reason that when the handles on this thrifted basket/beach bag ripped, it went from being placed into the trash pile to immediately placing it into the refashion pile. I am so pathetic. Even when I throw something away, I take it out of the trash. Haha!

The truth is, the straw handles rubbed uncomfortably into my shoulders when the bag was overfilled - which, as you mama's know, it is ALWAYS overfilled. The idea to make leather straps in place of the straw ones only came into mind when they conveniently ripped.

You do not have to wait for that moment to happen to you! You can carefully cut yours off and remake them- It's so easy! Here's what you will need:

Leather - I bought a decent piece in the "scraps" leather section of our local fabric store
Leather hole puncher -Michaels
Screw Posts (Brackets) - Hobby Lobby

Cut two strips of leather, about 3 inches thick, 30 inches long. Loop through exsisting slots or wider if you prefer. The good news- with a basket weave, you have many hole options. Make sure to leave enough room/lip on top to support your handles.

Using the leather hole maker, punch a few holes until you have the size you need for your brackets. 

Push the bottom piece through and screw on the end. 

Repeat to other 3 areas. :) Make the handles the way you would normally hold a bag, one side with one side. 

Wear to your next beach getaway. Or to a picnic. Or to your Monday grocery store shopping :)


Even helpful for carrying sticks :)

It's also great for holding peonies from your garden that you cant stop obsessing over. Please forgive me for the flood of images you will see. I. Cant. Stop. 

 (My sweet girl BTS, hand modeling for me)

What were we talking about again? Oh, right, the bag ;)

I love love the way it turned out and the leather is so soft and flexible on my shoulder.. No longer will my husband complain about me over packing it. well, not right away at least. :)

We took these pictures on Mother's Day and the day was refreshing and satisfying. I feel truly so blessed to be a mother and it's nice to soak in those reminders that it is a GIFT to bear that title. To hear the stories about how fast time really does fly. Take a moment and breathe in the present, dear readers! Rejoice in the now, in the place you are at. It won't always be like this. (Totally going country song on you)

My dress is from here! This is a similar one shoulder look. And love this striped dress too! This one is sitting pretty in my cart waiting for a sale :/

Have a wonderful week! Thank you for reading!

With Love,

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