Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY old sweater into sweater skirt!

Hello to all that are reading this!

As much as I can't wait until spring, I find myself trying to squeeze in the last winter-y clothes I can before they no longer can be worn. This Monday we had a snowfall that went on through the night. We woke up to a winter wonderland just enough to remind us that it is still winter. By noon, I was rushing to take the kids outside because our whole back yard had completely melted! That's just the kind of snow I like- Enough to enjoy its beauty but gone before you have to bear its wet coldness! :)

All that "winter-ness" (because we have been having beautiful warm-like temperatures) made me finally wear a sweater skirt that I actually made a while back! I can't wait to show it to you!

I bought the sweater at the thrift store because it was in very lightly used condition, I knew the brand name and the obvious one- it was a $1. :)

When I got home and tried it on, I realized why someone would give it away. It made me look very frumpy and did nothing for my figure! That is when I remembered a picture I saved on Pinterest and how it caused me to title it "sweater skirt! DIY?"
Check it out and other inspiration here: https://pinterest.com/vickqueen/fashion-diy/ :)

Sweater (possibly in your size if you want it to be form fitting and larger if you like it not as tight)
Stretchy Elastic Band (proper name?)
Safety pin
Pins and a sewing machine 

1. Since my sweater was a small size, I cut it off at the very top where the sleeves start.
*hint* If this sweater was purchased with a skirt makeover in mind, I would have bought a bigger size and even a fun print! 

 2. Turn the "skirt" inside out and fold down the top. Make it a little wider than your elastic band. If you want this to be a mini, try it on. Measure accordingly, cutting off more material as needed.

 3. Pin it all around to ensure it stays straight as you sew!

4. Sew, removing pins as you go :) Leave an open space on the side to pull your elastic through.

5.  Measure the elastic band around your hips or waist (depending on how you plan on wearing it) at the tightness you will want the skirt. I measured at the hips a little tighter so I can wear it at the waist if I choose! (Not pictured)

6.  Pull the elastic through with a safety pin. Be careful not to lose the other end- you will have to start all over. :)

7. Remove safety pin and sew the two tips of elastic. Sew the open end again with the machine or by hand. Reverse and ready for wearing!

Excuse the photo quality of the outfit pics! I was anxious to get it out to you before it gets warm!

I hope you will make one! Better yet: make a few! I will definitely go bigger and bolder next skirt!

P.S. I made something great using the leftover sleeves! So keep yours and I'll post soon!

Hope you have a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Awesome once again! :) you're adorable in your new sweater skirt... Can't wait to see what you master up with the left overs. Btw where is this thrift store that you keep buying such cute things for just a dollar? lol

    1. Svetlana your so awesome to comment every time! Love you for it.
      Its Mercy House! on 42. Go check it out! :) They have lots of furniture too. But like every thrift store- they don't ALWAYS have stuff