Monday, March 12, 2012

The left overs of a sweater... Part 1

   It might be a sickness that hasn't taken flight yet into an obsession (like hoarders??) but I find it hard to throw away scraps. After every project I do, I look at the pretty (and not so pretty) leftover fabric and think I can find a place for it. Even the small pieces get the excuse of fabric flowers or doll clothes! (excuse which, in most cases, has yet to become truth!)

Recently I made a sweater skirt out of an old sweater and this is what I had left over...

 Not much right? but I hesitated.. I kept looking at the sleeves and looking at them. They looked just like tights but a tiny size. So I did it. I made them into pants for my little girl. I'm so happy with the way they turned out! They are versatile and comfy and warm in these cooler days of March. 

Super adorable right?? The pants are cute too ;) Sorry, it's hard not to mention that at least once! I love her so much!

Here's how you make a pair for your little angel! (I think a boy can even pull these off!Why not?)

 1. Lay a pair of pants on top of the sleeves to measure where to cut them. I think that these sleeves are long enough for up to a 4 year old (just a guess) The larger the sweater, the possibility of getting a bigger size out of it.
I didn't take a picture of mine but I professionally drew this picture so you would understand where to cut :) Cut at the dotted line, leaving a little room to fold down and sew an elastic band.
2. Cut down the inside of both sides. Again, measuring with your child's pants to check how low the crotch should be so that they won't be low rise pants!

3. Turn inside out and pin the opening together all around. It will look kind of like a half circle. Than sew. 

4. Keep them inside out and flip down the top of your pants the width of your elastic band. Pin and sew around, leaving a little gap for the elastic to be threaded. 

5. Measure the elastic on your child's waist or from a pair of her pants and thread it through (I use a safety pin). Sew the tips together.
(NOTE: I forgot to leave a gap and decided to make a hole at the middle. The better way is to just leave a gap and thread from underneath! See an example here: step #6 )
 6. Close the gap. Done!

Comfy enough to climb walls and play in the rocks and still look cute while doing it! :)

For those of you with no one to make a pair for, I have another idea for those sweater scraps! See Part 2 coming soon!

Have a wonderful Monday! Its always the hardest day for me. I have to keep reminding myself to be happy! We are so so very blessed. To feel anything else but happiness is wrong...
So this is a reminder to those of you who need it! Much of you are going through tough trials and hardships and I'm praying for your comfort.
With love! Til next time...

 (linked up on Shwin & Shwin! Check it out- she makes the cutest clothes for her little girl!)


  1. So cute Vicka! Your so good at this :)

    1. Thanks V! You should start one with Vladik about your woodworking stuff! Would love to see what else you guys have made!

    2. I would love that, but time seems to get the best of us.. maybe one day soon!

  2. Love it! And yes she is adorable!!