Monday, March 19, 2012

The leftovers of a sweater Part 2- No sew long "socks"


  This post feels so out of place with such beautiful weather around! But for those you that are waiting for one more cold snow day (really? is there someone like that?? haha) than keep this in my mind for your last winter outfit! This spring-like weather seems too good to be true!

But I promised to post what else you can do with the leftovers of a sweater-mostly the sleeves- if you decided to make a skirt out of it (see post here!) Before I made mine into pants for my little girl, I slipped them on my leg to see what they would look like as long socks and loved it! I have no pictures of myself but this is a NO SEW self-explanatory idea! You can probably use any size sweater or even use your man's old sweater if you want a more "slouchy" sock look! This is even better than the sock because you don't have to stuff your jeans into the socks!

Cut the sleeve off at the very beginning and try on over your jeans or tights, with the cut part hidden in your boots and the finished part will be at your calf. You can than measure and cut again if you want them to be shorter (depending on the height of your boots) or you can just fold them! 


Don't you just love this look? I love that it is so versatile and you can really make it your own! 

Happy Monday!

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