Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gold isn't tacky anymore- A DIY Necklace. Simple Jewerly Remaking

Hello Hello! 

It seems very funny to me that I am so drawn to gold. I remember quite recently it seemed to be very outdated. Now it is definitely my color of choice for jewelry and would even love a big gold watch (gasp! The gaudiness of it!) Are you in this phase too?

I was so excited about this post that I couldn't wait for decent outfit pictures! I found this chunky gold chain bracelet (necklace?) at Goodwill the other day for a dollar! I loved the way it looked and  also I've been seeing these big chain necklaces everywhere! But when I tried it on, it sort of looked like a dog collar. :) It was too short...

I found the other gold chain at Walmart for $3.00 and thought I could lengthen the necklace in some way. I love how it turned out! I think I love it more than if the chunky chain was long enough! This is almost more subtle and sweet and not so "rock and roll". 

 First I played around with the chain- the length I wanted it and how much strands I wanted it to be. I looped it through the existing jump ring and connected it to another existing jump ring with the help of jewelery pliers. 

Notice I made a mistake in this picture: I looped it around the original toggle ring end and it was uneven looking because the other side didn't have such a big ring. I had to redo it..

 The guts :)

 PS: Loved the toggle end! Definitely keeping that for another project!

The finished product! What do you think? Is it better than the original?

Total Cost: $4.00

Go check your local thrift store for discarded gold jewelry! I know you will find something great to remake or even ready to wear that doesn't need alterations. :) I would love to hear all about what you find!

On another topic, I had more than 100 page views in one day the other day! (126 to be exact) and we are thrilled! I can't believe that 126 people read some part of my blog that day! I feel so moved! Thank you all! God bless you! It makes me want to keep writing and I can only hope to inspire you in someway.

Thanks again for reading! Have a great end to your week and hope to see (well, talk? write to you?) soon!

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