Saturday, September 15, 2012

Girly Peplum: DIY Shirt Refashion Tutorial

Why, Hello! I'm so happy to finally be able to post this shirt! I made this a week ago (or has two already flew by??) and have worn it an embarrassing number of times since! It's a simple change that has a huge impact!

I found the perfect body to work with at our local thrift. Note, it was a size 14. You will need a bigger size than you wear so you can resew the bottom for the peplum effect.


This fabric had an excellent stretch to it. I always enjoy working with this kind of fabric because it gives you a little leeway for mistakes.
  • First, measure where you want the peplum to start on your waist. It should be higher than your hips. I had a similar style shirt to get an example of where I wanted it to be.

  • Cut off the part you measured (plus an itch for resewing). Put aside. Don't throw away!

I cut out all my lining and it was a mistake. If you happen to have a lined shirt as well, I recommend cutting it in a straight line around the chest area so that you could skip a step!

  • I resewed my edges after cutting out the lining. A mistake and step I hope you can skip! It wasn't hard since the creases where already made.. Just time consuming. Sigh.
  • Measure the size for new arm holes by trying it on and seeing how tight you want the shirt. Mark and pin all the way down the shirt. (If applicable: Un-stitch the darts as much as possible to have a clean line down). You will probably need to make a slight diagonal line so that it is fitted on your waist
Tip: Sewing it down once and than cutting away access might help you pin it better the second time around. Don't get discouraged to resew or repin your shirt to perfection! Well, until you are happy with it! :)

  • Sew a long stitch along the cut edge of your bottom piece. DO NOT back-stitch. Tug gently on one end and push the fabric away from you. It should start to "ruffle" or gather. Do this half way and than start from the other side to do the other half. GENTLY tug. It can rip and you would need to resew the stitch.
 BONUS: No need to hem a refashioned shirt! Yay! :)

  •  Measure the ruffled bottom and move the ruffles wider or closer together until the line up with the width of your top.
  • Flip the ruffle inside out and lay it on top of your right side up shirt and pin around the edge. (As pictured)

  •  Sew around, removing pins as you go. :) Reinforce (sew over it twice) if you'd like to...

Your done! I have another way to make the peplum bottom without the ruffle technique so stay tuned for that in the near future. Either way, I adore it! It was worth the lining problems, the annoying darts and oh, yes, even worth sewing through my finger!! :)

TOTAL COST: $1.00 

I have lots to share with you! Another baby shower! It was beautiful. I CANNOT wait to post pictures for you to see! Until then, have a beautiful and blessed Sunday and try this refashion! Let me know if you do or what you thought about it.

Thanks so much for reading!

BTW, recognize the necklace? Its from my redo here!) 

I linked up on: Check her out! She's got awesome refashions!!


  1. Oh Vika, you've done it again! You have managed to amaze me with your crazy awesome resewing skills! ;)) Can't wait to find something similar to be able to remake it into that!

    1. Yay! That makes me so happy! I hope you do and would love to see how it turns out!

  2. wow! great job! i loke ur blog))))) It was so nice see your beautiful face today! :0

    1. Thank you dear! It was wonderful to see you to! Lets do it again sometime soon!

  3. Seriously wow! You're amazing!!,

  4. Oh my goodness, this is amazing. Thanks for linking up so we could see it!

  5. Oh how cool! I will totally have to try this!
    (Pinning) ;)

    1. You made my day! :) DO it! It really was simple! :) I want to "peplum" everything now ;)

  6. I LOVE this thrift makeover, so feminine :) I featured this tutorial on my DIY fashion blog, check it out Hope you have a wonderful day and keep being creative, crafty and thrifty!