Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Muted Moroccan: Shades of Purple and Gold Baby Shower

My sisters and I share an EXTREME joy of party-planning and whenever it's baby shower time (or a party of any sort)  in our family, we are more than happy to plan it! (that is such an understatement, its crazy) We all have our own pieces of inspiration and some how it comes together into a perfect blend. Although I would have to say it's my older sister Zhanna that makes chaos into chemistry. Without her, I'm sure this decor from the baby shower would not be posted! :) 

We threw this shower together for our baby sister. She's expecting her second girl any day now!

The decor was a mix of thrift store finds, some DIY and a few clearance purchases. The gold accent star was from Pier 1 Imports. Purple vase and Moroccan brass jar both thrifted. 

 This unbelievable find was from Goodwill: A genie bottle! Unfortunately the lid was lost so the Genie already escaped ;) But seriously, where would you find this?? Definitely not anywhere  for $2.50!

 A few details... (Gold candle sticks also a thrift store find)

For the table setting we used clear plates and DIY'ed some napkin "rings" using a paper cutter (from Michael's) and gold cardstock paper. The favor boxes were also handmade using this printable: http://www.donteatthepaste.com/2009/08/circle-dot-box.html

The favor boxes were different shades of purple and pink...

 Our DIY lanterns that turned out awfully crooked! :( It turned out to be a little harder than we thought but if you would like to give it a try, head over to:

This flower arrangement was made by my sister in law and she did an amazing job with the flowers we gave her! We used a metal flower pot (originally used for potted plants) and used it in an unexpected way. I love how it looked hanging above the dessert table...

 Can you believe this cake??? It was made by another sister in law and we were all blown away! It was scrumptious. It literally melted in your mouth...

 Trubachkee and our party favorite: Oreshki. Cookie nut filled with dulce de leche

We wanted the food to (somewhat) reflect the Mediterranean theme...

A beautiful salad brought by the showered mom's sister-in-law!  It was beautiful and an amazing blend of flavors!
 Chebureki! Fried Russian dough pouches holding juicy meat and onion.
 Chicken kabobs on mini sticks.
 Peppers filled with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. A must-try!

 Some shots of the nights...

Had to post this one of my baby Em eating cake. :) She's adorable.

Our glowing sister!
 Me with my sisters. I can't wait to meet baby girl #2!

I hope these pictures inspire you for the next party you are planning- be it a bridal shower or a birthday party! Gold is very in and I see Moroccan inspired decor everywhere lately! :)And take advantage of thrift stores! You can find some really amazing pieces. If you find a great piece but its not the color you want, consider spray paint. It works wonders.  
(P.S. I can definitely see this being done for a boy party as well!)

Leave me your thoughts and thanks so much for reading!


  1. I like that child (last pic, in the backround) getting ahold of mom's phone while she's preocupied. : )

    1. haha yes- by than we all need a break :)

  2. Wow! Great job! The colors look fabulous and the food looks delicious.
    You really did a nice job. :)

    p.s. Erika (Santos) P. sent me!!

    1. Thank you so much! Like I said, it was definitely a group effort! And thanks so much for commenting! And I love Erika- Big thanks to her for sending you over!

  3. I know! I only noticed that after I posted it :)