Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Chic Leather Bracelet (Literally)

The Belt Series: No. 2

So the busiest month of the year has begun. Are you already feeling stressed?? I hate to admit it but if I linger to long on the "to-do" list and the "to-buy" list, I start to panic. I have to remind myself to take it one day/project at a time! 

This one is a breeze. :) 

I'm calling this The Belt Series because I have many more ideas for recycling and reusing belts! I hope you have been looking out for amazing belts and have found some great thrift deals.  I found two (!!?) of these that have the word "chic" engraved in the buckle. (I have no idea how I get such lucky finds!) SO this is my Chic Belt Bracelet. :) But yours will be chic too, even if it doesn't say so!

Love it!

First, wrap it around your wrist and decide if you want it to have two or three straps. I liked the chunky look of three but two would look awesome too (maybe four if it's super thin or one if its that much of a statement belt!) It can be made any way you like. 

You don't want to cut it off right where its perfect because you still want it to have more hole options like a belt. I cut off the last original hole on this belt. (I later adjusted it because it had too much left over and I didn't like the look. Yours might be different but its always better to cut twice and leave room for adjustment!)

Using the piece you cut off for a template, trace around the edge (as pictured) and cut off the tip so it resembles a factory edge. 
Using your scrap piece again as a template, mark where the new holes should be. This way you don't need to measure! Use a leather hole punch or a jewelry hole punch. I'm using a jewelry hole punch that has worked great so far for me and is a cheaper option.

 Done! Didn't I tell you the hole puncher was an investment! Total Project Cost: $1.00

I can also picture this styled this with a floral dress and boots!

It's simple, chic and takes 5 minutes to make. Maybe there's someone on your Christmas list that would love this?? Maybe your family is having a homemade Christmas like we did last year? This is so so easy. Are you rummaging through your closet right now searching for the perfect candidate? I hope so :) Let me know if you do!

My wish for you: thrifting success and stress free days :) Thanks for being here!

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