Monday, December 10, 2012

Embellished Sweater Tutorial: Giving an old sweater some LOVE


I hope you are feeling the peace and love of Christmas that I wish was around all year long!

My last post I talked too much of the busyness of the holidays and how stressed you can feel at times but I want to change all that. I wish for you a warm, joyful Christmas where you are filled with such awe at the wondrous miracle that IS Christmas and to not to get caught up in the busyness. To linger longer on the important things in your life. For me, this is turning off the media buzz constantly around me. Turn off Facebook or if your like me, Instagram (!!) and enjoy the PEOPLE (little and big) around you. Too fast the days turn into years and I feel regretful for wasting away my life on things that are not eternal. Do you agree?

Anyways, this project is super fast and fun and it'll help add some sparkle to your holiday outfit planning! 

I have worn this sweater an embarrassing amount of times in the week since I made it! (If you follow me on Instagram -byviktoria- you have already seen a sneak-peak!) It's just because it goes perfectly with everything. It's girly yet grown up. (contradiction, I know!) But it adds some sparkle to an otherwise predictable outfit. 

What you will need:
A Sweater (old or "new to you" thrifted as mine is)
Sequins Strechy Ribbon Roll (Walmart for around $2)
Thread that matches your sequins
Pins and a Sewing Machine (although you could hand sew this as well!)

First, decide on what shape or design you want to do on your sweater. I played around with it and loved the heart instantly. The girly sweet vibe is everywhere I look and I adore it!
But the options (as always with me..) are sorta endless. :)

This is where it gets fun! I really liked the plus one. Once I decided I wanted a heart, I googled "heart template" and I got a nice fat one that I blew up to fit the paper.

Try it out for size. It's best to try it on to decide on the best placement. 

If you like my heart: It was 8 cm at its fattest point and 7.25 at the length. 
Trace it with a pencil that will wash off.

I started at the bottom and pinned the sequins around the heart lines with lottsss of pins. The more, the better. Hint: It has be to somewhat stretched around the loped parts to make it lay flat.

Cut off when you get to the top. Start pinning again after that point. (or feel free to overlap the ribbon if you like it better!)

Once it is securely pinned, look it over again to make sure the loops are equal and you like the size/etc. 

Now just SEW. Remove pins as you go but don't worry too much about them that you mess up! I recently realized I still had a pin or two in this sweater!! 

 And WEAR! 

 Throw it on a winter skirt and it vamps it up to a party outfit! I cannot guarantee how well it will hold up in the wash but when in doubt, hand wash and lay to dry.

I hope you will fall in love with an old unworn piece again.  

I would love to see if you tried this!! With other color choices for the sequins ribbon at Walmart, you can practically make any sweater work! 

BTW we are super busy around here planning our 3rd Bible Study Christmas Party! If you missed ours last year, check it out here! We are using different colors and a more modern style this year and I will be sure to post it up if the day ever gets here!

Thanks SO much for being here and stop by again soon! Much love... 


  1. Ooh! Love your sweater, even though i'm not much of a sparkle girl:) You know what I'm going to try? doing a sparkly heart elbow patch! That would be just enough for my style:) Also, about the Christmas party...still bummed you didn't use my napkin folding technique last year. There's always this year...hehehehe :)

    1. Olga, what an AWESOME idea! That would look totally cute. You should do it :) And we used your folding technique!! Lets see how many more years we can get away with the folded corner. lol